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Disposable Arm Sleeve Making Machine

Output: 80-120 pcs/min
Voltage: 220v
Weight: 600kg
Dimension: 2400mm*1200mm*1100mm(L*H*W)
Lead Time: 5-7 days
Supply Ability: 300 Sets Per/Month
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  • GSXTJ-10002


Product Display

arm sleeve making (1)arm sleeve making (2)arm sleeve making (3)arm sleeve making (7)arm sleeve making (4)arm sleeve making (5)arm sleeve making (6)

Product Description

Machine Introduction

This machine can produce PE and CPE sleeve, with good quality and low price, yield advantages, save labor, reduce costs, can be made according to customer requirements, this machine is automated. Products from raw materials to products sent to the layer count full automation. Ultra-high power ultrasonic welding, the two ends of the sleeve and the effective elastic constant. In the entire process from raw materials to finished products for automation, industry, only one person throughout the operation.

Production process

Automatic feeding - import - folding - welding - forming cut

Self-developed version of the latest automatic cuff manufacturing equipment can produce various specifications of PE, CPE cuff, elastic band to adapt to produce products, business opportunities currently in the market.

Machine features

1. Frequency control.

2. material output to a finished product.

3. Automatic temperature control.

4. High power ultrasonic welding combined with the electric co.