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KN95 Mask Machine Modular Flexible Design

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Mask production equipment is not a single machine, it requires the cooperation of multiple machines to complete various processes. So what is the modular flexible design of the KN95 Mask Machine? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l Process detection

l PLC control

l Intelligent positioning

l Induction recognition

l Telecommunication

Process detection

The new KN95 Mask Machine mask visual inspection device is used in the mask intelligent production line. The device is connected with a mask forming machine and two ear band welding machines by a conveyor line, which can roll, load, fold, press into shape, and divide. Cutting, ear strap welding, blanking, and other links are integrated and connected to achieve fully automatic production. The mask visual inspection device located in the middle of the intelligent production line mainly uses the conveyor rollers to drive the masks forward. Automatically complete the quality inspection of the front and back welding ear straps of the mask, overcome the problems of pollution and misjudgment caused by the use of light-transmitting belts to transmit masks in the past, and improve the accuracy and efficiency of the detection results.

PLC control

Based on the KN95 Mask Machine PLC for motion control in the process of mask transmission, a long-time delay detection system is designed. The hardware part of the system is mainly composed of a programmable controller, upper computer and configuration monitoring software, power supply, sensor, digital input/output module, and analog input/output module. The long-time delay detection of the station, in conjunction with the turning mechanism, provides functions such as turning and starting; the system software is mainly composed of modules such as feeding, positioning, and image acquisition. When the camera captures the image information, it enters the system creation state. Iteration and other processes generate the final design scheme to ensure the automation of the production process.新闻 banner

Intelligent positioning

Based on computer vision, the positioning detection in the production process of the KN95 Mask Making Machine is carried out, and the color of the object is separated from the background through the computer to ensure the accurate positioning and firm welding of the fully automatic synchronous welding band. Use ROI for image segmentation and image area extraction, select Gaussian filter to filter and denoise the selected image area to eliminate noise caused by factors such as illumination; and then perform erosion and expansion operations on the image to remove the small image in the image. For edge points and holes, the maximum contour can be effectively extracted by smoothing the boundary of the image. Finally, edge detection and enhancement are performed with the help of filters, and the largest contour is surrounded by the smallest polygon, which effectively speeds up the positioning speed and reduces the complexity of the operation. Further, improve production efficiency.

Induction recognition

In the hardware design of the artificial intelligence visual recognition module, the KN95 Mask Making Machine detection device selects a photoelectric converter, a digital signal processor, and an arithmetic unit for parallel design, and uses the arithmetic unit to convert the image received from the camera into a language code. The digital signal processor performs the calculation and transmits it through the sensor; in the software design, the camera and the accelerator are used to cooperate. After the camera obtains the image information, the accelerator is used to automatically complete the image measurement and calculation. The image and signal information is extracted by the GPS and the signal receiving antenna respectively, and the image is output from the output port according to the probability after being filtered by the filter, to improve the accuracy and efficiency of image recognition.


Adopt OPC technology to realize the network communication function of the flexible AI vision automatic mask machine, configure the hardware rack and console of the PC station, in turn, to provide support for configuration settings and diagnosis; then configure the PC station and download the configuration, to be checked the configuration is in the correct state and the screen is displayed. After the connection is activated, the download is successful. Finally, the KN95 Machine data communication test is performed. After the communication connection is established, the OPC client program is written in C language to realize the network communication function.

The above is the relevant content about the modular flexible design of the KN95 Mask Machine. If you are interested in the KN95 Mask Machine, you can contact us. I look forward to your arrival very much and hope to cooperate with you.

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