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Automatic Bottle Filling Machine , High Speed

Filling heads: 6/8/10
Production capacity: 500~1000/1000~1600/1500~2100b/h
Measure range: 100ml~5L (customized according to user requirements)
Measure precision: ±1.5%
Air power pressure: 0.4~0.8mpa
MOQ: 1
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Product Description

GOSUNM has been producing bottle filling machines since 2006, we offer a wide range of filling machines including linear plunger filling machines, linear flow meter filling machines, linear self-flow filling machines, automatic rotary plunger filling machines Installation design, etc.


  • Can be adjusted quickly and easily to fill a variety of different sized bottles.

  • Two or more bottles can be filled at the same time.

  • Bottle positioning is monitored by photocells to ensure proper alignment with the filling machine prior to filling.

Additional options

  • Manual or automatic capping.

  • The machine can be integrated into the entire production line including blowing, capping and labelling.

How to operate

  • The infeed conveyor transports the empty bottles to the holding station.

  • Filling starts automatically once the photocell confirms the position under the filling machine.

  • After the pneumatic filling machine has finished filling, the containers are automatically released onto the discharge conveyor.

  • Empty bottles are automatically recirculated during feeding.

See how it works: bottle filling machine video