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18000BPH Hot Melt Bottle Rotary Labeling Machine​

It is suitable for round, square, flat and oval plastic bottles, glass bottles and metal bottles, and has a very wide range of applications in the water beverage industry, daily chemical industry, spices, pharmaceuticals and other industries. You can choose the right configuration according to your production needs, and the stabilized speed can reach up to 24,000 bottles per hour. Its stable running speed is high and supports stepless speed regulation, which can be matched with the filling machine, greatly improving the production efficiency of the whole line.

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Product Display


Labeling   speed 24000-27000BPH
Labeling   accuracy ±1.5mm
Maximum   label height 120mm (vertical)
Minimum   bottle diameter 50mm
Maximum   bottle diameter 100mm (customized for more than   this)
Minimum   bottle height 150mm
Maximum   bottle height 320mm (customized for more than   this value)
Applicable   paper roll inner diameter Φ152mm
Applicable   paper roll outer diameter Φ500mm
Overall   dimensions (LxWxH) L1680xW2570xH2050 (mm)
Use of   electricity 380V 50Hz 12Kw
Pneumatic 0.6MPa
Gas   consumption 0.6M3/min



  • Solo ONE independent main bearing system with concentric supports driving the up and down turnplates (Patent No.: ZL201420032456.1). No locking of supports & easy adjustment of turnplate heights avoid affecting the accuracy.

  • Unlike welded rectangle glue tanks in the market, Shallpack’s integrated cylinder shaped aluminum glue tank has no risk of broken bottom under continuous high temperature.

  • The cage shaped roller frame avoids inaccuracy due to the fabrication error.

Fabrication Area


All the accurate mechanical parts are fabricated in the Mazak CNC center. The fabrication accuracy: 0.006 mm. 

Over 90% of the mechanical parts are fabricated in our workshop to ensure part accuracy and machine stability.

Assembly area

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Q: Should I choose real-time printing and labeling machine or cache printing and labeling machine?
A: If each label is different, choose real-time printing and labeling machine, if the same batch of labels are the same, choose
cache printing and labeling machine.

Q:What is the maximum labeling speed?
A:It depends on label size and printing content.

Q:How is the data sent sent to the printer?
A:We usually send the print content to the printer using FastReport /Bartender / ZPL.

Q:What types of connections are supported?
A:The printer supports network port, USB, and serial port.

Q: What is the operating voltage of the machine?
A: The standard working voltage is AC 220V, you can add a transformer to adapt to different voltages.

Q: Does the machine need compressed air?
A: The standard version of the machine needs compressed air, support customized pure electric version.

Q:Can the machine be docked to the system?
A: The machine can be docked system, need to reserve docking API.

Q: Does the printer use thermal transfer printing or thermal printing technology?
A: Both thermal transfer printing and thermal printing technology can be supported.

Q: What scenarios is it applicable to?
A: In logistics, medical, warehousing, fresh food and other scenes that require printing and labeling are widely used.