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  • Cup mask machine with breathing valve


    How is the cup-shaped mask machine composed? Xiaobian will now introduce the composition and working principle of the cup-shaped mask for you. The components of the cup mask machine production line:The components of the cup-shaped mask machine production line include: cup-shaped mask forming machine Read More
  • How to distinguish between N95 and KN95 in the mask machine


    KN95 masks and N95 masks are produced by a mask machine? Is it different? Let's look at the professional analysis to the experts' remarks. The difference between kn95 masks and n95 masks is mainly due to the different standards. KN95 masks are masks that meet the requirements of my country's GB2626 Read More
  • Common faults and maintenance methods of automatic self-adhesive labeling machine


    As we all know, there are usually some failures when the machine is used for a long time, and the same is true for the automatic self-adhesive labeling machine.So, today, Gosunm professionals will list the problems that often occur in the automatic self-adhesive labeling machine and how to deal with Read More
  • Automatic kn95 mask machine market


    Masks are one of the most important anti-epidemic supplies for human beings, so let's take a look at the equipment that can effectively block viruses and prevent the spread of viruses. Before that, let's take a look at the kn95 mask machine! 1. The kn95 mask machine is mainly used in industrial fiel Read More
  • What is automatic positioning round bottle labeling machine


    It is suitable for labeling on the circumference of round bottle products. It can be single label and double label, and the distance between the front and back double labels can be adjusted flexibly, such as labeling of gel water bottles, food round cans, etc. It is widely used in cosmetics, food, m Read More
  • Semi automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine


    Semi-auto Round Bottle Labeling Machine to paste the self-adhesive labels onto a bottle. This model is one of our oldest traditional models, so we already improved all the defects during the past 15 years. It is a stable functioning machine with portable size and easy adjusting method. 1.This machi Read More
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