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2-port Static DWS For Accurate Package Measurements

The 2-port static DWS system is specially designed for smart logistics applications and is used to realize the functions of static (stopped) volume measurement (Dimension), weighing (Weight), code reading (Scanning) and result traceability of parcels, express delivery and other goods. A smart logistics system.
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  • GS-DWS-S-004

  • Gosunm

Product Description

This system is equipped with 2 sorting workstations. The system will automatically complete parcel sorting based on parcel information.

The entire collection and fusion process of the static DWS system has accurate data and comes with a local storage function, which can achieve clear ticket retention and save upstream and downstream communication costs.

2-port static DWS. This innovative device is designed to bring convenience and efficiency to your setup. The 2-port DWS is a reliable solution that can achieve seamless switching between two devices and is responsible for transporting packages. On the basis of the static DWS, a sorting workbench is added to expand the functionality of the device and enable It becomes an all-in-one measuring, weighing, scanning and sorting product. Our expert team carefully designed this product using high-quality materials to ensure that the 2-port DWS has excellent durability and service life.

black static dws & 2 shutts
black static dws with 2 shutts left view
static dws with 2 shutts right view
static dws with 2 shutts left view


  • The 2-port static DWS system uses 3D imaging technology to scan barcodes, supplemented by AI intelligent algorithms to simultaneously analyze barcodes, to achieve integrated code reading, volume measurement, weight data collection and tracking functions, as well as the integration of parcel 2 sorting ports;

  • Integrate information and automatically send it to the user system or specify a path to facilitate traceability;

  • The DWS system is a standard warehousing internal logistics automation solution;

  • Highest measurement accuracy, even in harsh external environments;

  • Proven and extremely reliable code reading rate;

  • Compared with manual operation, the efficiency is increased by more than 200%;

  • The return on production is fast, and the return period ROI≈0.31 years (calculated based on a logistics warehouse with an average daily order of 100,000);

sliver static dws & 2 sorting shutts