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A Sri Lanka Company Stop Cooperation With Regular Supplier And Place Order To Us

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Country: Sri Lanka

Customer name: xxxx garment Co.,LTD

Product: 3ply mask machine

About This Project:

This customer have over 20sets mask machine in their factory, they are the largest mask manufacturer in Sri Lanka. They plan to buy the mask machine from their regular supplier, but after watching our machine video in youtube, they hold the order and start communicate with us.

The speed of their earloop mask machine only have 80-90pcs/min, but our mask machine can reach 150-160pcs/min, they are shocked and want to know the reason, after detailed explaination and see the machine online, they convinced and place order to us, after receiving the machine, they  give highly appraisal to us and want to keep long term cooperation with us.

Screenshot of communication process

feedback-1 feedback-2 feedback-3 feedback-4

Customer feedback


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