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A Turkey Company Looking To Start A Mask Making Business

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About This Project: 

The customer was originally engaged in the paper bag industry in Turkey, because the customer has certain strength, so decided to develop the mask market business.

The customer had already purchased a flat mask machine in 2020 and wanted to increase the variety of masks in 2021, and to increase production capacity and reduce labor costs.

Gosunm Solutions& Service:

The customer was first purchased from Gosunm 1 set KF94 mask machine, because already had the previous experience of buying the machine, and was very satisfied with our machine. After our company launched the adult and children's mask machine compatible models of the machine, our sales manager katlyn recommended to the customer, the customer felt satisfied with the ability to switch the body length with one key, so the customer added an additional new flat mask machine and elastic earband mask machine, and the machine are added to the packaging machine to improve the production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

In addition, our engineers are also very careful to guide our customers to master our products.

The Result:

The customer is very satisfied with our machine, and finds our machine easy to operate and debug, which is convenient for workers to operate.



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