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Analysis of Difficulties in Gear Die Machining of KF94 Mask Machine

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The working principle of the KF94 Mask Making Machine is to manufacture various masks with certain filtering performance from multi-layer non-woven fabrics through hot pressing, folding molding, ultrasonic welding, waste removal, and welding of ear straps and nose bridges. The KF94 Mask Making Machine is not a single machine, it requires the cooperation of multiple machines to complete various processes. So what is the analysis of the difficulty of gear mold processing of the KF94 Mask Machine? Let's take a look.

Here is the content:

l Programming difficulties

l Processing difficulties

Programming difficulties

Enterprises joining the KF94 Mask Machine tooth die production plan all have processing equipment, but the most important link in the NC code program for efficient machining of the tooth die. For orders with different needs, it is difficult for technicians. Technicians need to have a certain understanding of its structure and related knowledge.

(1) There are more than 500 small conical teeth on the KF94 Fish Mask Machine tooth mold. When programming, it is necessary to project the curves of all surfaces on the model for offset programming.

(2) Four-axis linkage to open rough tool paths is very tedious and time-consuming to manufacture, which affects the actual production cycle.

(3) When using the offset line processing method, when the model and tooth die are complex, it is very slow to calculate the tool path for secondary root cleaning. High requirements for computer offset, and if the performance cannot keep up, it will affect the normal calculation and generation of tool paths.

(4) KF94 Mask Machine blade teeth and bottom surface are not vertical, each small groove needs to be selected separately. Choose, increase the difficulty of programming and reduce programming efficiency.

(5) When machining with an offset line, the overcut check cannot be performed.

Processing difficulties

KF94 Mask Making Machine gear mold has high processing technology requirements, long processing time, many process links, 0.005 mm outer circle run out, and 0.01 mm full curved surface. It's a huge challenge for people.

(1) A 0.5 mm small tool needs to be used for light-knife finishing during processing. Due to the high hardness of the material, only a small amount of cutting can be used, and there are factors such as rapid tool wear and low efficiency, which affect the production efficiency.

(2) When the teeth of the KF94 Mask Making Machine have teeth smaller than 1 mm, the teeth of the die will be interrupted and beaten during sandblasting and grinding.

(3) After the KF94 Fish Mask Machine tooth dies has undergone heat treatment, when the grinding process is completed, 0.005 mm is the same as axiality and runout does not meet technical requirements.

(4) The four-axis linkage machining efficiency is low and the machining cycle is long.

The above is the related content about the tooth mold process design of the KF94 Mask Machine. If you are interested in KF94 Mask Machine and KF94 Fish Mask Machine, you can contact us. Our website is gosunm.com. I look forward to your arrival very much and hope to cooperate with you.

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