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Automatic CCD Inspection Machine

Technical parameters
Machine speed: 200pcs/minute
Applicable power supply: 220V,50/60HZ
Machine power: 1KW
Machine size: (L)1184.5mm*(W)733mm*(H)1606mm
weight: 130kg
Pass rate: more than 98%
  • GSBZJ-011-14


Product Description

Standard equipment configuration

1 set automatic CCD inspection machine

CCD detection machine, as a supporting (optional) equipment of mask production line,  can automatically detect and eliminate the unqualified products caused by various reasons (such as ear band missing,  Ear band unwelding, Mask stains, etc.), to achieve comprehensive Automation and high qualified rate of production.

Machine detail

细节展示Automatic CCD detection machine

Optional additions


Aftersales Service

1.    One-year machine warranty, lifetime maintenance service.

2.    Experienced engineers provide fast and professional 24 hours online guidance.

3.    Provide complete teaching videos and instruction manual, easy to operate and maintain. The video of the operation is stored on a USB shipped with the machine