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Automatic paging labeling machine

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Fully desktop automatic paging flat labeling machine (standard model, non-standard customization is available)

Scope of application of this equipment: It is used for automatic paging and labeling of various unformed cartons, paper, payment cards, cards, tags, handbags, PE bags and other flat products;

Exclusive upgraded paging mechanism, upgraded and widened conveying, high-speed paging Labeling is more accurate and stable! Stronger compatibility! Powerful And Versatile Clamshell Labeler, Box Labeler, And Labeler For Tubs, Jugs, And Other Container Types.

Labeling machine Main feature:

1. Fully automatic operation interface.

2. Using high-precision positioning technology, no positioning pin is required.

3. With a variety of labeling modes, you can choose freely.

4. It is suitable for labeling papers of different thicknesses, and by adjusting the position of the positioning pins, it can realize mutual lamination of papers of different thicknesses.

5. Automatically adjust the position and size of the label to ensure that the product has a good effect after labeling.

6. It can meet the packaging needs of various complex products.

Delivery time and pricing are very competitive. You can rely on our ability to deliver. Our goal is to meet your labeling needs to the greatest extent possible. Gosunm professional team, always on call.

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