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Automatic sleeve labeling machine

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The automatic sleeve label machine is a new product improved on the basis of the traditional manual sleeve label method. It not only has the advantages of fast label sleeve speed, high precision and high efficiency, but also can automatically detect the specifications and models of the product, so that Sleeving is done automatically without manual intervention.

Application fields:

1. It is suitable for various industries, such as food manufacturing industry, electronic industry, hardware tool industry, plastic manufacturing industry, etc., especially for factories that need automatic sleeve label production.

2. It is suitable for labeling processing of large batches of products, especially for products with irregular shapes, and it can also be used for automatic labeling of such products.

3. It is suitable for the production of small parts, such as various screw parts, etc.

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What is sleeve labeling machine?

A sleeve labeling machine is used in the application of the shrink sleeve label onto container. This sleeve is used in various packaging technologies, like foods, beverages and personal care products, cosmetic and medical equipments.

Gosunm goal is to meet your labeler needs to the greatest extent possible. Gosunm professional team, always on call. We do everything we can to deliver your labeling machine as quickly as possible. You can rely on our ability to deliver.We focuese on self adhesive labeling solutions for all types and shapes of packages.

When choosing a sleeve labeling machine, please recognize the brand of Gosunm!

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