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Can Adult Flat Mask Machines Be Changed To Children's Mask Machines? The Result Is No.

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-30      Origin: Site


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Children have to wear special masks for children, the size specifications are different from adult masks, because children's faces are smaller and more rounded general adult masks do not play a protective role for children, and children are not used to wearing masks, so children's masks should have higher requirements in addition to quality and appearance patterns should be vivid and interesting, so that children will love to wear masks.


If the adult mask machine is modified into a child mask machine, there are too many parts that need to be modified and adjusted, the cost is too high, and after the change, the use is not known, the cost is equal to or slightly higher than remanufacturing a child mask machine, so the adult flat mask machine can not be changed into a child mask machine.


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