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Can masks be taken off now? Is there no market for masks after the outbreak?

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If there is something that will be with us the longest in 2020, what is it? The answer is probably masks. But in the face of the epidemic, there is a difference between China and the West when it comes to the "to wear or not to wear" choice of masks.

Even though the epidemic has significantly improved, everyone in China still wears a mask, and in shopping centers and public transportation in various cities, those who do not wear a mask are not allowed to enter.


In fact, even during the epidemic, East Asia was one of the regions where masks were most used. In the streets of Japan, large numbers of people can be seen wearing them year-round for commuting. In China's major cities such as North, Shanghai and Guangzhou, many people will also choose to wear masks to block out the haze every winter and spring. As a result, in many parts of East Asia masks have gone from being a medical item worn by patients with infectious diseases to a necessity for the common people.

In Europe and America, they generally accept the idea that healthy people don't need to wear masks, and that wearing one just proves that you are sick. The greater role of the mask is not to transmit the virus to others. If you want to protect yourself, good hygiene habits are more important. There is another reason: most European countries have a "mask ban". This ban, mainly because of the fear of terrorists, thieves wearing masks, will prevent identification, posing a threat to public safety.


It is because of the misunderstanding of the mask in Europe and the United States, so the epidemic has not been controlled, but as the epidemic situation becomes more serious, the country also abolished the "mask ban", their attitude toward the mask will also change. It is possible that because of this epidemic, European and American countries will treat masks as medical supplies for patients with infectious diseases and turn them into a necessity for the people in the future, just like East Asia.


Therefore, the market of masks may be popularized from medical to civil use. Now foreign countries are importing mask machines to China during the epidemic, and they will slowly quote the mask machines to their own countries in the future, and masks will slowly be used as public health supplies.

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