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Common faults and maintenance methods of automatic self-adhesive labeling machine

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As we all know, there are usually some failures when the machine is used for a long time, and the same is true for the automatic self-adhesive labeling machine.

So, today, Gosunm professionals will list the problems that often occur in the automatic self-adhesive labeling machine and how to deal with these problems, so as to solve these common faults more effectively and reduce the problems caused by the faults. Adverse effects on product production.

1. Adjustment of the label box

The center line of the label box, the center axis of the label station are tangent to the label paper, and are connected with three points of the center axis of the label plate. Adjust the tangent (contact) between the target plate and the label paper, and then move the standard box closer by 1mm to 2mm. The gap between the standard paper in the standard box and the beading on both sides is between 0.8mm-1mm. If the gap is too large, it will easily cause the label paper to shift in the standard box and appear oblique marks; if the gap is too small, it will cause poor label pushing The phenomenon. Adjustment of the label supply roller: when there is no label, the label press plate can be pressed to the front of the label box, and when the label is installed, the label hook (referring to the nearby label) cannot be crushed. Adjustment of the position of the label grabbing hook of the label box: the label grabbing hooks on the upper, lower, left, and right sides are on the same vertical plane and are evenly stressed by the label paper, so the label can be smoothly grasped.


2. Adjustment of bottle-in star wheel, bottle-out star wheel and bottle-in bottle screw

The labeling machine manufacturer believes that when adjusting the bottle-in star wheel, bottle-out star wheel, and bottle-in screw, the bottle pressing head of the labeling machine should prevail. The first thing to adjust is the bottle feeding star wheel. When the bottle pressing head just overwhelms the bottle, adjust the bottle feeding star wheel so that the bottle is located in the middle of the star wheel groove; the adjustment of the bottle feeding screw rod is based on the bottle feeding star wheel. Adjust the screw rod when the bottle is in the middle of the groove of the bottle-incoming star wheel, so that the bottle-incoming side of the screw rod is close to the bottle, and remember not to cause displacement; adjustment of the bottle-out star wheel: adjust the star wheel when the bottle pressing head is just lifted , so that the bottle is centered in the groove of the star wheel.

3. Adjustment of the standard station

Adjustment of the rubber roller and the squeegee: There should be no gap between the rubber roller and the squeegee throughout the length. If there is a gap, the squeegee should be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric bolt. Adjustment of the rubber roller and the target plate: The rubber roller and the target plate are only in contact with each other without any pressure. If the gap is too large or the glue on the target plate is too much, the glue will be thrown away; if the gap is too small or the contact is too tight, the glue will be squeezed away. , resulting in no glue on half of the target board. Practice has proved that it is better when the gap between the rubber roller and the target plate is between 0.1mm-0.2mm, which can be achieved by adjusting the bearing seat on the lower part of the rubber roller, and if necessary, adjust the bearing on the upper part of the rubber roller. adjust.

4. Adjustment of brush pressing device

The center of the standard brush is facing the label, and the two sides are symmetrical, and the standard brush and the surface of the container are perpendicular to each other. The overlapping gap between the pressing brushes sweeping across the container is: 10mm-15mm for a single pressing brush, 5mm-10mm for combined pressing brushes, and 1mm-2mm for the cleaning brush to be away from the sponge. Adjustment of the bottle pressing head: The bottle pressing head should be 20mm lower when there is no bottle than when there is a bottle.

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