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Cup mask machine with breathing valve

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How is the cup-shaped mask machine composed? I will now introduce the composition and working principle of the cup-shaped mask for you.

The components of the cup mask machine production line:

The components of the cup mask machine production line include: cup-shaped mask forming machine, cup-shaped mask mask machine, turntable cup-shaped mask welding slicer, dust-proof cup-shaped machine, cup-shaped mouth breathing valve punching machine, cup-shaped Mouth-nose line fitting machine, cup-shaped mask earband spot welding machine, cup-shaped mouth-mounted monochrome pad printing machine, cup-shaped mouth-mounted, breathing valve welding machine, etc.

Cup mask machine operation process:

✅ Material frame: tension control, automatic correction mechanism

✅ Automatic spray printing of production date, automatic pad printing of logo

✅ The outer fabric of the mask is automatically formed

✅ The outer layer of mask fabric is automatically conveyed

✅ The inner layer of mask fabric is automatically hot pressed into shape.

✅ Mask inner and outer layer fabric overlapping

✅ Automatic welding of inner and outer fabric of mask

✅ Automatic cutting out mask body

✅ The mask body is automatically conveyed

✅ Automatic hot-pressing and laminating of the metal nose bar

✅ Nose bridge sponge automatic lamination

✅ Ear Loop are automatically nailed and fastened or welded together (this video is nailing)

✅ Automatic pre-welding and punching of breathing valve holes, automatic welding of breathing valve

✅ Nose bar automatically pressed and bent into shape


High efficiency, high quality, stable production, you can always trust Gosunm's mask machine production capacity.

The above content is the equipment explanation of the mask machine supplier Gosunm. In addition to the CUP mask machine introduced above, the company also has flat mask machines, KF94 mask machines,KN95 mask machine and mask packaging machines, sealing machines and other supporting equipment. Please feel free to contact us for details:

✉Email: info@gosunm.com

Telephone/whatspp/Wechat: +86-18806714687

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