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Desktop Sticker Paging and Labeling Machine

Desktop sticker paging and labeling machine, also known as card labeling machine, is a high speed labeling machine suitable for paper, card, PP bag, aluminum film bag and other items. The labeling machine is equipped with a feeding mechanism, a paging mechanism and a receiving mechanism, the feeding mechanism is specially customized according to the size of the items, the paging mechanism is responsible for separating the items one by one and conveying them to the conveyor belt, and the receiving mechanism is responsible for recovering the pasted items.

The pagination labeling machine is divided into desktop and vertical type, desktop type is compact, light weight, easy to carry, and more competitive price, suitable for small business plan, but the labeling speed is slower than vertical type.

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Product Display


Voltage AC220V, 50Hz, single phase
Labeling accuracy ±1mm
Labeling Speed 10-45pcs/min (related to the label size and product size)
Applicable product height Length 50mm~200mm Width 20-200mm  Thickness:0.05-2mm
Available Label   Material Length: 15-300mm
Width: 10-160mm (including   backing width)
Maximum label incoming size Diameter 250mm, Inside diameter of paper roll 76mm
Gas consumption No need
Working Environment 10-40℃
Environmental temperature 15-85%
Machine Dimension About 1600±100(L)*700±100(W)*1100±100(H)(mm)

No. Item Brand Origin QTY
1 Step motor Leadshine China 2
2 Step motor drive Leadshine China 2
3 Conveyor motor OPG China 1
4 Conveyor motor governor OPG China 1
5 Photoelectric sensors Omron, Schneider Japan/France 1
6 Photoelectric sensors Panasonic/Riko Japan 1
7 PLC Mitsubishi Japan 1
8 Aluminum alloy rack Gosunm China 1
9 Touch screen WECON China 1
10 Cylinder Star aerodynamics China 1

NOTE: the configuration may be adjusted reasonably according to the actual material delivery time, and the configuration can be revised according to customer needs

2024-03-27 03-40-16

  • High precision: Advanced sensors and controllers are used to precisely position and track each sheet, ensuring that the labels are accurately and precisely applied to the specified position.

  • High efficiency: Automatic labeling can be realized, which greatly reduces manual operation time and cost, and improves production efficiency.

  • Safe and reliable: reasonable design, sturdy structure, able to work stably for a long time, not easy to fail.

  • Strong adaptability: can adapt to various sizes and materials of cardboard, applicable to printing, packaging, medical and other fields.

  • Easy operation: equipped with intuitive and easy-to-understand operation interface, convenient for users to set and operate.


Q: Should I choose real-time printing and labeling machine or cache printing and labeling machine?
A: If each label is different, choose real-time printing and labeling machine, if the same batch of labels are the same, choose
cache printing and labeling machine.

Q:What is the maximum labeling speed?
A:It depends on label size and printing content.

Q:How is the data sent sent to the printer?
A:We usually send the print content to the printer using FastReport /Bartender / ZPL.

Q:What types of connections are supported?
A:The printer supports network port, USB, and serial port.

Q: What is the operating voltage of the machine?
A: The standard working voltage is AC 220V, you can add a transformer to adapt to different voltages.

Q: Does the machine need compressed air?
A: The standard version of the machine needs compressed air, support customized pure electric version.

Q:Can the machine be docked to the system?
A: The machine can be docked system, need to reserve docking API.

Q: Does the printer use thermal transfer printing or thermal printing technology?
A: Both thermal transfer printing and thermal printing technology can be supported.

Q: What scenarios is it applicable to?
A: In logistics, medical, warehousing, fresh food and other scenes that require printing and labeling are widely used.