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Development Trend of Flat Mask Machine

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After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the production capacity of domestic masks and mask equipment has increased rapidly, but masks and Flat mask-making equipment are both faced with the risk of overcapacity, and high-end products are still relatively in short supply. In the future, the mask machine will develop towards high speed and intelligence. The equipment can realize the integration of discharging, production and packaging, and the production process will be more stable and coherent. At the same time, the production quality of masks can be monitored in real-time, and these unqualified products can be found and eliminated in time. The production process is cleaned and disinfected to keep clean and hygienic to meet the high-quality market demand. So what is the development trend of Flat Mask Machine? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l High speed

l Intelligent

High speed

The Flat Mask Machine is mainly composed of the mask body material composite device, the nose bridge line application device, the ear band application device, the finished mask sheet sorting and conveying device, and the inner non-woven fabric is combined into one body to form the mask body material, then the nose bridge line needs to be applied to the designated position of the mask body, and then the elastic ear straps and elastic ear straps need to be applied to the designated position of the mask body. Finally, cut into individually finished masks. This kind of mask machine has a compact structure, stable performance, and a high degree of automation. The operation of the whole machine adopts PLC automatic control to realize automatic unwinding of substrates with constant tension, continuous material change with constant tension, automatic waste rejection, automatic deviation correction, automatic counting, and automatic switching. With functions such as reclaiming the channel, the production speed can reach 1 000 pieces/min.


The flexible AI visual Flat mask making machine is composed of a frame, AI system, traction mechanism, die-cutting mechanism, visual inspection mechanism, flanging mechanism, welding mechanism, integration mechanism, forming mechanism, and feeding mechanism. Automatic detection of mask quality can omit manual quality inspection in production while improving product quality and reducing labor costs. The mask automatic production integrated machine uses computer vision (AI artificial intelligence) for identification and control. With the support of the AI system, the flexible AI vision automatic mask machine can realize automatic production integration, and the production efficiency and production capacity of masks are therefore significantly improved. The specific product can be achieved by integrating "process quality inspection, robot management (guidance, positioning, identification, information collection), and automated production", supplemented by visual inspection equipment, which can better ensure the production quality of masks, with a single machine output of 120 pieces /min, under the condition of 24 hours of uninterrupted production, the daily output of single-machine masks exceeds 130,000 pieces.

The above is the relevant content about the development trend of Flat Mask Machine. If you are interested in a Flat Mask Machine, you can contact us.

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