Hand Sanitizer Production Line

Technical Parameters
Machine speed: 1500-2000 bottles/hour
Machine power: ≤12-13KW
Applicable power supply: AC220V/380V 50/60HZ
Air pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa
Filling accuracy: ±1%
Applicable power supply: 220V,50/60HZ
Machine size: (L)12000mm*(W)2200mm*(H)1950mm
Weight: about 2000-2500kg
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Equipment introduction

1. The production line is suitable for filling, capping, tamper-proof shrinkage, labeling, coding and other process production lines of daily chemicals, oils, pastes, sauces, and chemical industry materials;

2. The machine is a fully automatic intelligent linear piston filling machine (isolation explosion-proof), which adopts microcomputer programming control, servo drive, photoelectric sensor, and electric air control. Full-color touch screen man-machine interface, the whole filling process can be automatically filled by setting the filling volume and the number of filling heads through the touch screen on the equipment, and the process basically realizes one-button operation.

3. The whole machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali corrosion, and meets food hygiene standards.

4. Using the servo motor to control the plunger stroke filling and measuring principle, the filling is fast first and then slow to reduce foam and prevent liquid overflow. The anti-drip filling head ensures the cleanliness of the filling process.

5. Linear conveying, easy adjustment, suitable for filling of most bottle types (especially special-shaped bottles).

6. It adopts synchronous four-wheel to clamp and screw the cover, which is suitable for various cover types such as duckbill cover, anti-theft cover, parallel cover, etc., and the torque is adjustable;

7. Adopt automatic round bottle positioning self-adhesive labeling machine, with online automatic labeling function;

8. Adopt online tamper-proof rubber cap shrinking machine (optional automatic casing machine) with online tamper-proof film shrinking function;

9. Using online ink jet machine (optional laser up-to-standard machine) online coding;

The unique advantages of this machine:

a. Advanced intelligent operating system

With the support of Siemens PLC software, the adjustment only needs to set the target amount on the touch screen, and the equipment can automatically increase or decrease to reach the target amount. Taiwan Wellun color touch display, all operations, monitoring, operation instructions and other functions are completed in the touch screen.

b. Stable filling and rehydration function

The principle of function separation is adopted, no liquid replenishment is performed during the filling process, and no filling is performed during the liquid replenishment process, thus overcoming the instability of the floating filling and simultaneous liquid replenishment.

c. The function of automatically locking the bottle mouth of the vial

This machine is equipped with a bayonet device to ensure that the bottle mouth and the filling nozzle match when filling small volumes (plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc.).

d. Wide application range and easy adjustment

It is suitable for the filling of most bottle types (especially special-shaped bottles) without particles, air, and low viscosity. It overcomes the trouble of changing the dial when changing the bottle type of the rotary filling machine. The irregular bottle shape, the machine has greater advantages.

e. The filling process is closed and pollution-free

The whole machine is fully enclosed filling, which conforms to the national sanitation requirements, achieves sanitation and reduces secondary pollution.

Workflow: manual bottle feeding---detecting automatic bottle blocking---filling nozzle descending---servo piston quantitative filling machine---artificial duckbill nozzle---automatic capping (four-wheel clamping) -- Automatic labeling (paste, self-adhesive, hot melt adhesive optional) -- online manual tamper-evident film (optional automatic film covering) -- -- coding (ink, laser optional) -- - Enter the packing process (automatic unpacking, automatic packing, automatic packing and cuff shrinking function machines are optional)

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