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How does the N95 mask machine work?

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The production equipment of the N95 mask machine is a complete set of the assembly line equipment including mask forming, mask crimping, mask shearing, ear strap welding, upper nose strip, printing, breathing valve welding, etc. Among them, the production of mask forming, mask are using fully automatic ultrasonic equipment, mask crimping, and shearing can be completed by one machine, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

Here is the content:

✔The production process of the N95 mask machine

✔Advantages of automatic N95 mask machine

✔The selection of mask machineAutomatic KN95 Head Band Mask Machine

The production process of the N95 mask machine

N95 cup mask forming machine is the first process of producing N95 mask. It adopts hot press molding and can mold 4, 8, or 12 masks at a time with high speed and efficiency.

N95 cup-type mask crimping machine is the mask machine to press the formed cup-type cotton mask and non-woven mask together, with firm welding and beautiful appearance. Product features: original imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer, strong and stable output; body anti-backward plus coaxial direct pressure design, pressure applied balanced, improve welding precision; 2600W super power output, suitable for large plastic products welding, good welding effect; main electrical components. Parts and components of high-quality imported parts assembly.

Rotary N95 mask welding and shearing machine integrate mask welding and shearing as ultrasonic mask-making equipment. The whole machine has a cast-iron structure, anti-backward, multi-station turntable, PLC program control, and can be operated by a single person and single machine.

Advantages of automatic N95 mask machine

1. N95 mask machine is small in size, occupies a small area, the whole machine adopts an aluminum alloy structure, beautiful and sturdy without rusting.

2. PLC touch screen control, advanced technology, stable and reliable.

3. Photoelectric detection, high reliability, good welding effect, and low failure rate.

4. Friendly interactive interface of N95 mask-making machine, alarm for equipment abnormality and lack of material, screen guidance for quick handling of abnormality.

5. High degree of automation, convenient and quick operation, high production efficiency.

The selection of mask machine

If it is the production of disposable masks specially supplied to hospitals, it is appropriate to choose a flat mask machine, if it is the production of various masks that people usually carry, it is the choice of a three-dimensional mask machine.

Secondly, the production of mask machine manufacturers is also very major, choosing the well-known mask-making equipment manufacturers is necessary, although the price may be more expensive than some other workshops, a penny. Well-known manufacturers are also more perfect after-sales service, the service life of the machine is also longer than the life of ordinary manufacturers produced mask machine, not easy to damage, so in comparison or choose the regular manufacturers produced brand mask machine is better.

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