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How does the labeling machine work?

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In our daily life, there are many trademarks on the outer packaging of many products. So, how are these trademarks affixed to the products? Here, it is necessary to mention a tool, which is the labeling machine. How is the labeling machine labeling goods? Here is a brief description.

Here is the content:

l What is the working structure of the labeling machine?

l Labeling machine is how to operate?

What is the working structure of the labeling machine?

The main working structure of the labeling machine consists of a label supply device, label pickup device, printing device, glue application device, an interlocking device. Label supply device refers to the labeling process, the label paper by certain process requirements for the supply of devices. It is usually composed of a labeling bin and label pushing device, where the labeling bin is a device for storing labels, also known as a label box. It can be designed as a fixed or swing type according to the requirements, and its structure form has two kinds of frame type and box type, the box type label bin is used more. It is mainly composed of a bottom plate and two side plates, the spacing between the two sides of the plate adjustable to adapt to changes in label size, adjustment is generally spiral device, the front sides of the labeling bin is equipped with a standard claw, needle, claw or comb-shaped and other different structural forms, its role is to prevent the label from falling from the labeling bin, while the label can be separated from the label one by one. The labeling bin is equipped with a label pushing device so that the labels taken in front of it are often constantly replenished. Print labeling machine and labeling printing machine is also a kind of labeling machine.

How does the labeling machine operate?

The working principle of thelabeling machine is as follows. In the beginning, the boxes are fed into the labeling machine at a constant speed on a conveyor belt. A mechanical fixing device separates the boxes at a fixed distance and pushes them in the direction of the conveyor belt. The mechanical system of the labeling machine consists of a drive wheel, a label wheel, and a reel. The drive wheel intermittently drags the label band across the reel and pulls it out, while passing over the label wheel and pressing the label band towards the boxes. An open-loop displacement control is used on the reel to maintain tension on the label belt, which must be constantly started and stopped because the label is tightly attached to the label belt. As the labeling wheel moves onto the case, the label is applied at the same speed. When the band reaches a specific position, the label band drive wheel accelerates to a speed that matches the band, applies the label, and then decelerates to a stop. Since the label belt slips, it has registration marks on it to ensure that each label is placed correctly.

Above is the working structure and working principle of the labeling machine. If you have more interest in labeling machine, or related products, such as printing labeling machine and labeling printing machine, you can come to our company for consultation, our company's website is gosunm.com.

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