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How does the mask-making line work?

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The production process of the mask is roughly divided into three steps: the raw material loading process, the main body production process, and the ear strap production process. Different processes are produced by different parts of the mask machine. Here is how themask machine produces masks.

Here is the content:

✔The raw material loading process

✔The mask's main production process

✔The ear strap production process

The raw material loading process

Various fabrics pass through the face mask machine's respective fabric support frame and then enter through the fabric layering frame. After several fabrics are stacked up, they enter the fabric folding area and finally enter the main processing process through the pleat folding area.

The role of the fabric folding area is to fold both sides of the originally wider fabric to achieve the width of the mask we want; and the role of the folded fold, we can see that the disposable mask has three folded folds on it, which is realized by this mechanism of the mask making equipment.

The mask's main production process

1. After the laminated fabric and the nose line are intercepted, the nose line is first cut off at a fixed length and then put into the folded fabric;

2. After the ultrasonic hot pressing station, the fabric will be embossed on both sides and front and back ends of the folded fabric;

3. After the mask segmentation interception station, the fabric will be cut according to the fixed length to become the main body of the mask;

4. Finally, it enters into the material separation process through the differential separation conveyor.

The above is the whole working steps of the mask-making machine's mask body processing process.

The function of the differential separation conveyor belt: Because the front mask body is continuous, if they are not separated from the gap, the back can not be divided into materials, so when passing through this conveyor belt, using the speed difference, the front and back mask body can be pulled apart from the gap.

The ear strap production process

1. The mask body is transported from the previous process in the mask making line to the inlet, following the step-by-step conveyor line;

2. After the ear band fusion mechanism, the ear band is fused to the main body of the mask;

3. After the band folding mechanism, the band is folded inward; (this mechanism is one more process than the outer ear type, as I mentioned earlier)

4. The finished masks enter the palletizing mechanism, then each palletized 10, put them on the downward conveyor belt, and then take them away by hand.

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