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How to deal with problems with labeling machines?

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There will be times when any machine breaks down, even the labeling machine which usually runs smoothly is no exception. So, why does the labeling machine malfunction? And what kind of failure will occur? When the labeling machine malfunction, how should we solve it?

Here is the content:

-Why does a broken label appear?

-What is the way to repair the labeling machine?

Why will there be broken labels?

Labeling machines will sometimes appear broken label phenomenon, including print labeling machine and a labeling printing machine, will also. 

There are mainly the following reasons: in the label packaging transportation and handling process, it is easy to knock off the backing paper at the edge of the label to cause small cracks. An automatic labeling machine in the labeling with a certain tension in the edge of the backing paper cracks, the label is easy to be pulled off under the action of tension caused by labeling broken tape. 

In addition, there is a kind of automatic labeling machine on the roller adjustment that is not appropriate, resulting in the roller to the edge of the label backing paper being pulled off and caused by labeling broken. Finished label winding too tight will cause the glue in the sticker to be squeezed out resulting in glue seepage, glue seepage will stick to the backing paper so that the whole volume of labels can not be easily loosened. When a roll of glue phenomenon is used for automatic labeling, the labeling process is likely in the labeling machine under the action of tension will be pulled off the label backing paper from the inside, resulting in labeling broken. 

Die-cutting quality also has a great impact on whether the automatic labeling is easy to break the tape, if the die-cutting pressure is too large will cause the backing paper to be cut through, the backing paper tensile strength decreases resulting in labeling broken tape. The base paper release layer is destroyed will also lead to labeling broken tape.

What is the maintenance method of the labeling machine?

When the labeling machine, or print labeling machine, and labeling printing machine malfunction, we can use the following methods to deal with. In adjusting the bottle into and out of the bottle star wheel and bottle into the screw rod, to labeling machine pressure bottle head prevail. 

First, adjust the incoming star wheel, when the pressure head is just over the bottle, adjust the incoming star wheel, so that the bottle is located in the middle of the star wheel slot; into the bottle star wheel prevails, when the bottle is located in the middle of the incoming star wheel slot, adjust the screw rod, so that the screw rod into the bottle side against the bottle but does not produce displacement. When the pressure head is just lifted, adjust the star wheel so that the bottle is located in the middle of the star wheel slot.

These are the reasons and some repair methods for the broken label phenomenon when the labeling machine breaks down. If you want to buy a good labeling machine, welcome to our company to buy, our company's website is gosunm.com.

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