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How to operate the mask machine?

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The arrival of the epidemic has disrupted our lives and left many people suffering from the virus. Masks can effectively prevent viruses. As a mask making machine that produces masks, do you know how to operate them?

Here is the content:

1.The operation of the mask machine

2.How to choose a mask-making machine?

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The operation of the mask machine

Mask machine start-up: 

✔ Check whether the electrical wiring is loose and off before starting the machine and whether the parts of the body are damaged.   

✔ Make sure all switches are off (including ultrasonic switch) and the emergency stop button is pressed before turning on the power, if the commissioning is not completed, move the first-order tooth die and second-order tooth die up and away from the ultrasonic die. 

✔ Turn on the power, release the electric control cabinet emergency stop button, open the main power switch, and you can see the inverter The display screen flashes L000 indicator light red, the electric control cabinet standby, release the front electric control box emergency stop button, the nose bar part standby. The above situation is completed and confirmed, that is, the mask machine into the standby state.

✔ First, open the front-end electric control box switch, the green indicator lights up, and then open the two ultrasonic power switches, ultrasonic power, at this time the mask machine work-ready. Open the work switch, that is, the switch knob to "ON", the mask machine starts, the motor, and the two ultrasonic machines start to work at the same time, start the production of masks, the display shows the current motor speed, ultrasonic current meter current should be below 1A. 

✔ If you want to resume the working state, please make sure the switch knob is in the "OFF" position before resuming the power supply, otherwise the ultrasonic generator may be damaged. The emergency stop button of the front electric control box is only used to stop the work of the nose bar cylinder, it does not control other parts and is not affected by other parts.

How to choose a mask-making machine ?

In modern society, due to the continuous deterioration of the natural environment and the strengthening of people's protective consciousness, the market demand for disposable medical masks and protective masks is constantly expanding, and many customers are keenly aware of this business opportunity and want to get involved in the mask production industry. 

However, given the unfamiliarity with the mask production process, procurement of raw materials for masks, selection of mask machine manufacturers, planning of mask production workshops, industry standards for mask production, etc., it is very blind and confusing when inquiring and consulting related information and making related budgets. 

The following is some common sense introduction of ultrasonic mask making machine to help customers who are ready to make a big show in the mask production industry to open a little light in the fog and know where the direction is: masks are simply divided into flat masks and three-dimensional masks from the shape, flat masks are mostly used in the medical industry and three-dimensional masks are mostly used for daily protection.

Do you know where to buy a mask-making machine? 

Every manufacturer is responsible for producing industrial mask machines that meet the standards. Gosunm Intelligent Industry Co., Ltd. conducts a lot of tests on the mask machine before leaving the factory to ensure the user's experience. If you are engaged in the mask machine business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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