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Information about KN95 Mask Machine

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Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, masks were once a scarce commodity in my country. To meet the domestic anti-epidemic needs, all walks of life have invested a lot of energy in the research of the KN95 Mask Machine and achieved good results. So what is the relevant information of the KN95 Mask Machine? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l R & D background

l Basic Architecture

l The specific composition and working principle

R & D background

As the most effective means of preventing new coronary pneumonia, the importance of masks is self-evident. Bacteria in the air can enter the human lungs through breathing. For example, if there is a new coronavirus in the air, people are easily infected with new coronary pneumonia and face life-threatening. By wearing a mask, people can pass the filtering effect of the mask to reduce the human infection probability of COVID-19. To achieve effective prevention of new coronary pneumonia, people must ensure that the mask fits closely to the face to reduce the possibility of the virus coming into contact with the nose and mouth. However, in the more traditional mask production process, masks are easily contaminated by bacteria during the production process, and masks that cannot be folded and stored will also bring a lot of inconveniences. To better meet people's needs for mask performance and style, the KN95 Mask Machine came into being.


Basic Architecture

Taking the typical KN95 Mask Machine as the research object, the mask automatic production integrated machine is mainly composed of a discharging device, a feeding, and shaping device, a body production device, an ear band welding device, a disinfection device, a packaging device, and other auxiliary devices. The mask production equipment has a simple structure, and the KN95 Mask Making Machine is integrally formed, which can avoid contamination of the mask during processing, and the processed masks are novel in style and easy to fold and carry, which can better meet market demands and have strong market competition.

The specific composition and working principle

There is a conveyor belt between the material tray of the KN95 Mask Machine and the leveling mechanism, the disinfection mechanism is connected with the material tray, the disinfection mechanism is connected with the lower end of the belt welding device, there is a storage slot under the disinfection mechanism, and the outer wall of the transparent tempered glass dust-free cover is provided with the control device and the waste liquid recovery device are installed on the printing mechanism. In the specific production process of the KN95 Making Machine, the mask production materials entering the feeding and setting mechanism need to be embossed through the embossing mechanism, and then the process of printing and dyeing colors and patterns is the responsibility of the printing mechanism, and finally transferred to the feeding tray, and the masks entering the disinfection mechanism through the feeding tray can be automatically sterilized, and the ear straps are welded at the same time.

The above is the relevant information about KN95 Mask Machine. If you are interested in KN95 Mask Machine, you can contact us. Our website is gosunm.com. I look forward to your arrival very much and hope to cooperate with you.

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