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Introduction of mask machine accessories

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The emergence of the epidemic has greatly increased our demand for masks. It can be said that masks are as important as daily necessities at this stage. Therefore, the supply of masks also had to increase substantially, and this is when mask machine accessories play a huge role. So what supporting equipment does the mask machine have? let's see.

Here is the content:

l What are the accessories for face mask machine?

l The role of these supporting equipment?

What are the accessories for face mask machine?

The production of a small mask requires a lot of machinery and equipment to support it. Generally, the common mask machine accessories include sterilization machine, automatic CCD detection machine, box packing machine, strap mask boxing machine, automatic CCD detection machine, Dividing machine, mask machine waste edge material winder, mask machine ear rope feeder, vertical unpacking machine, etc.

The role of these supporting equipment?

The role of mask machine accessories varies. A sterilizer is a machine that kills microorganisms on products, packaging containers, packaging materials, packaging aids, and packaging parts to reduce them to the allowable range. Sterilizers can reduce the presence of bacteria in products, making consumers safer and more assured when using products. The automatic CCD inspection machine detects products in the intelligent manufacturing production process with higher efficiency, better accuracy, and stability, and has the functions of digital management and information integration to avoid artificial secondary pollution and direct contact with products. It can be detected in harsh environments, and the long-term use cost is lower. It has been widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, medicine, and other industries, and it can be said that it has penetrated all aspects of our life, production, and work. The cartooning machine is a kind of equipment that semi-automatically or automatically packs unpackaged products or small-packaged products into transport packaging, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of production personnel. The card dividing machine has a good operation interface, the machine is easy to operate, the number of cards issued at a time is adjustable, and the speed of card issuance is adjustable. The machine has excellent performance and stable operation. The machine is equipped with an alarm function, which is connected to the automatic packaging machine, which can realize multiple alarms and missing card alarms. The vertical unpacking machine can automatically complete unpacking and forming, and at the same time complete the bottom tape pasting, saving labor and time. The whole machine runs smoothly and reliably, and the packaging effect is firm and beautiful. The configuration is high and the equipment is simple to operate, easy to maintain and maintain, and can automatically correct the right angle of the carton.

The above is the introduction of the accessories of the mask machine accessories and the introduction of their respective functions. I believe everyone can have a simple understanding. At the same time, if you need to buy accessories related to the mask machine, you can contact our company. Our company has a lot of such products. You can also log in to our company's website. If you have any questions, you can ask us. We are happy and will answer you in time, our website is gosunm.com, you are always welcome.

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