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KN95 Mask Machine product application performance and market benefits

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The KN95 Mask Machine includes feeding, plastic strip-type aluminum strip insertion shortening, scene choice, supersonic fusion, slicing, etc. the full method is mechanically completed. The output is extraordinarily high, and it will manufacture 1-200 items per minute. KN95 Mask Making Machine will use completely different materials to supply different masks. The merchandise has 2 layers and 3 layers, and therefore the product quality is stable, straightforward to work, low noise, and tiny footprint. What are the KN95 Mask Machine product application performance and market benefits? Let's take a glance at it next.

Here is the content:

l Helping the transformation of intelligent production lines

l Improve product qualification rate

l Expand market application and production

Helping the transformation of intelligent production lines

KN95 Mask Machine place the fully-enclosed mask intelligent line supported versatile AI into actual production, and therefore the instrumentality achieved automatic production, with a production capability of 4,000 items per hour, providing technical support for the transformation and production of the KN95 Mask Machine manufactory production demand for high-quality masks like KN95.

Improve product qualification rate

The KN95 Mask Making Machine is supplied with SMC cylinder accessories and coil valves, which greatly improves the response speed of the device. Supported personal computer management and a friendly human-machine interface, the automated and synchronous development of the band fastening method are realized, and therefore the visual scrutiny instrumentality is employed to boost the merchandise qualification rate. Further, scale back waste of production capability and improve production potency.

Expand market application and production

In recent years, with the advancement of pc vision technology, the sensible medical field has attracted continuous attention from domain and business. It's become Associate in Nursing business accord to use advanced technologies like visual scrutiny to market the iteration, transformation, and upgrading of KN95 Machine ancient technologies. The apply has established that once the KN95 Mask Making Machine is placed into actual operation, it will manufacture quite 1600,000 masks per day, and therefore the full output of the mask machine reaches sixty units per month. With the policy support of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, and alternative departments, masks square measure progressively protected provides have transitioned to daily requirements. Each domestic potential demand and overseas market demand indicate that medical protecting materials can become an industry, providing broad market prospects for the R&D and production of the KN95 Mask Making Machine.

Gosunm provides numerous forms of high-quality automation instrumentality and customized instrumentality, the most product square measure Mask machine series: flat mask machine, KN95 Mask Machine, KF94 mask machine, automatic mask line, mask body machine, earloop fastening machine, etc. Mask machine supporting products: ear rope feeder, mask card splitter and waste winder, etc. The above is about KN95 Mask Machine product application performance and market benefits, if you're fascinated by KN95 Mask Machine, you'll contact us, we tend to the website is gosunm.com. I expect your arrival substantially and hope to join forces with you.

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