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Label Applicator-Round bottle labeling machine

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Gosunm Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine is designed to apply single or front-and-back labels on bottles, jars, cans, and other cylindrical containers.


1. CE certification.

2. Professional R&D team, perfect full service.

3. Suitable for labeling of round bottles of different sizes.

4. Efficient, can reach 20-30 per minute.

5. The position of the bottle body is adjustable.

6. The labeling effect is perfect, no creases and no bubbles. 

Good label quality will increase the competitiveness of the product.


The label applicator adopts a semi-automatic structure, needing only one operator. It uses the relative frequency converter to change speed; therefore, adjusting frequency will achieve different labeling speeds. In a specific range is adjustable for the labeling place and letter coding place (date coder).

Label Applicator is very flexible and can be upgraded as needed with several additional options. Appearance quality is as important as content, and this labeling solution is exactly what brands need.

As a professional manufacturer of labeling machines, Gosunm not only has efficient semi-automatic labeling machines, but also fully automatic labeling machines. You can choose from various styles of labeling machines, and provide customized models for your labeling life bring convenience like never before.

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