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Mechanical safety and quality analysis of Flat mask machine

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At present, mask equipment is not produced abroad, and there is relatively little research on the performance and mechanical safety of mask machine equipment in the industry. So what is the mechanical safety quality analysis of Flat mask machine? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l Equipment main problem

l Reason and suggestion

Equipment main problem

Because there are currently no national or industry product standards for Flat mask making equipment, refer to General Standard for Mechanical Safety GB/T 5226.1-2019 "Mechanical Electrical Safety Machinery and Electrical Equipment Part 1: General Technical Conditions" and GB/T 23821-2009 "Mechanical Safety" Safety distance to prevent the upper and lower limbs from touching the dangerous area" conducted a safety quality analysis of the Flat mask making machine, and found that there are mainly 6 types of items that do not meet the standards, involving electric shock protection, equipotential bonding, operation panel, and incoming power line termination method and Cut-off switch, operation panel and control devices installed on machinery, control circuit and control function, upper and lower limbs touch the safe distance of danger zone.

The non-compliance of the "electrical shock protection" item is mainly reflected in the fact that the electric box door can be easily opened without interruption, and the exposed conductive parts such as motors, fans, transformers, and control panels are not connected to the protective connection circuit, which may easily lead to the danger of direct electric shock to the operator and indirect electrocution hazard, direct electrocution hazard means that any part of the worker's body directly touches the live part of the equipment, resulting in electric shock; indirect electrocution hazard refers to any part of the worker's body when the equipment fails (such as insulation failure causing the housing to be charged). Electric shock due to contact with the metal casing of Flat mask-making equipment. The non-compliance of the "equipotential bonding" project is mainly reflected in: multiple protective conductors share one terminal; protective conductors are not connected with terminals; yellow-green special protective conductors are used for other purposes, etc, which will reduce the reliability of equipment grounding and lead to equipment failure. It cannot effectively protect the operator when there is leakage. The non-compliance of the item "Introduction of power line termination method and cut-off switch" is mainly reflected in: the static elimination device and ultrasonic device are powered by a separate power supply; the power cut-off switch is located in the electric box, which is not easy to access, etc., which easily leads to the need to cut off the power supply. The operator cannot cut off the power supply of the equipment in time, causing danger.

Reason and suggestion

At present, most of the Flat Mask Machines are produced by machinery companies after obtaining the mask machine drawings from different channels. The companies have a certain basis for machining and assembly. Because the principles of the drawings are similar, the Flat mask-making machines produced by different companies can compare their overall appearance and functions. The main reasons are as follows.

(1) The enterprise is not familiar with the standard or lacks a correct understanding, does not understand the detailed requirements of the standard, and does not design and produce strictly according to the standard requirements.

(2) Enterprises usually lack the inspection of Flat mask-making equipment and testing capabilities and lack an effective quality control mechanism for the final product.

(3) The company's security awareness is weak, to save costs and reduce security investment, resulting in insufficient and incomplete equipment security protection.

(4) The mobility of electrical installation workers in the enterprise is large, and the quality of personnel is uneven. When electrical wiring, they often only focus on functional requirements and ignore electrical safety. For example, the yellow-green two-color wire can only be used as a protective grounding Inline position, multiple protective conductors share one terminal, etc. It is recommended to set mechanical and electrical safety measures such as door-opening power-off devices, grounding devices, emergency stop devices, and moving parts protection devices on Flat mask-making equipment by the general safety standards for machinery.

The above is the relevant content about the mechanical safety and quality analysis of Flat mask-making equipment. If you are interested in a Flat Mask Machine, you can contact us. Our website is gosunm.com.

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