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Performance analysis of the use of Flat mask machine

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Wearing masks is one of the main ways for people to prevent the new coronavirus at present. The quality of Flat mask machine is directly related to the production capacity, quality, and production safety of masks. So what is the performance analysis of Flat mask machine? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l The main problems of the equipment

l Analysis of the cause of the problem and suggestions for improvement

The main problems of the equipment

The Flat Mask Machine is mainly composed of the mask forming part and the ear strap welding part. During the investigation, it was found that during the production process of the equipment, the mask forming part mainly has uneven rolling cutting, more cutting, less cutting, oblique cutting, and drum cutting. At the same time, the size of the offset occurs randomly, and it is impossible to achieve stable production by adjusting the equipment. The welding part of the band mainly has problems such as wrong welding, missing welding, and entanglement of the ear band.

Analysis of the cause of the problem and suggestions for improvement

By investigating the forming mechanism of the Flat mask machine, the hobbing position adjustment device of the equipment realizes the adjustment of the hobbing position through the up and down movement of the unilateral thread adjustment roller. And it is a unilateral screw. Due to the welding and cutting vibration in the production process, and the tension change of the fabric during the production process, the equipment structure cannot overcome the vibration and the change of the fabric tension during the production process, which makes the fabric tension inside the equipment. The force is not stable, there is looseness, which causes the product to shift when welding or cutting, resulting in offset hobbing. At the same time, the position locking devices of the welding roller, the driving roller, and the shearing roller only have a single nut. These locking devices are prone to loosening due to insufficient locking, which is not conducive to the stable production of the equipment. It is recommended to add a cloth tension control device and an automatic deviation correction device to the Flat mask-making equipment to overcome the above phenomena. When the ear strap is welded, the trough on the conveyor belt moves the mask to be processed to the specified position. Because the ear strap welding mechanism is fixed on the body, the accuracy of the relative position of the welding machine and the mask is particularly important. If it is not sent to the correct position, there will be miss soldering, missing welding, etc. The movement of the mask is intermittent. The greater the speed, the greater the acceleration of the movement. The mask is made of soft material and is light in weight. This requires that the mask must be properly fixed when moving, otherwise, the mask may be skewed and dislocated. Although beading is installed on both sides of the conveyor belt trough, it cannot maintain stable contact with the mask, resulting in the mask being unable to be transported smoothly to the welding station. When the production speed of the Flat mask-making machine is fast, the incidence of missing soldering increases. It is recommended to add a pressing device to the feeding mechanism of the equipment to prevent the mask from shifting during transportation.

The above is about the performance analysis of Flat mask-making equipment. If you are interested in a Flat Mask Machine, you can contact us.

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