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Print and Apply Labeling Machine

The printing and labeling machine is used to automatically print and apply labels, solving the market problem of low manual efficiency and error-prone labeling of different contents. It consists of printer, label separator and labeling head. It realizes product identification and tracking by printing, separating and applying labels. With the advantages of high efficiency, accuracy and labor saving, the print and apply labeling machine is widely used in various industries.
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Product Description

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What is Cache Printing?

The content of the label is pre-determined and edited by the computer. When uniform labels are available for products in the same batch, you can use cache printing with no risk of errors and at high speed.

What is real-time printing?

Also known as instant printing labeling machine, online printing labeling machine, real-time printing of labels each one of the content is different, according to the online data to print labels, each label is a unique label, label content and the product to be affixed is a one-to-one correspondence relationship. Label information can include date, anti-counterfeiting information, logistics information, barcode, production batch number and other variable information.

What is roll-on, pressure, blow labeling?

Blow Labeling

It is a non-contact labelling technology, when the sensor senses that the item reaches the specified position, the label is accurately shot onto the product and the label head does not touch the product.

Roll-on labeling

Roll-on labelling applies the label directly to the product as it passes through. The labelling speed is faster and suitable for products with uniform specifications.

Pressure labeling

Also called suction labelling, the labelling head through the vacuum adsorption way to suck the label, by extrusion of the label on the product in the specified position. Suitable for items that are difficult to handle or have inconsistent dimensions.

Product Pictures


GST-308 Real-time Print and Apply Label Applicator

308 is a separate printing label applicator, 305, 306, 307 are the same type of label applicator with different label modules integrated machine, according to the labelled products with different label module to achieve a variety of labelling, you can choose different printing engine as needed.


GST-309 Real-time Side Print and Apply Roll-on labelling Machine

Side roll-on labeling is suitable for printing and labeling of cartons, square drums and other heavy objects. The same roll-on labeling technology is used with GST-307, the difference is that GST-309 is side printing roller labeling and GST-307 is flat (top surface) printing roller labeling.


GST-310 Real-time Carton Corner Print and Apply labelling Machine

It is used for corner labeling on the side or top of cartons and boxes, and is mainly used for tamper-evident labeling of food packaging boxes and electronic product packaging boxes


GST-FB009 Real-time Print and Apply Labeling Machine with Weighing and Scanning Function

When the item arrives on the conveyor belt, it is automatically weighed and the software automatically generates a face sheet based on the weight and other information and attaches it to the item. At the same time, this machine is also equipped with a code scanning module that reads and stores the face sheet information on the item.


GST-FB015 Side Height Adaptive Real-Time Print and Apply Labeling Machine

Using the preset program, the label applicator automatically lifts and lowers, enabling the dynamic labeling function of real-time printing on the side.


This machine realizes the automatic sealing and real-time printing and labeling of cartons in one, which perfectly solves the problem of sealing and labeling in the back section and greatly improves the working efficiency.

GST-FB019 Four Applicator Real-time Print and Apply Labeling Machine for Large Drum with Positioning Labeling
This machine is used for real-time printing and labeling of chemical drums. The machine is equipped with 4 sets of label applicators that can apply 4 labels simultaneously and can be equipped with one or more print and label applicators as needed.


GST-305 Real-time Topside Print and Apply Pressure Labeling Machine

When the labelled object reaches the specified position, the labelling palm automatically senses the distance from the labelled object via a pressure sensor or light barrier, realising the function of adaptive labelling for objects of different heights. Pneumatic and electric drives are available. This labelling method has high precision and is mainly used in express delivery, electronic products and e-commerce products.


GST-306 Real-time Topside Print and Apply Blow Labeling Machine
Adopting non-contact blow labelling technology, without direct contact with the product, it can avoid deformation of the product due to extrusion and protect the product perfectly. Suitable for food, medical, logistics industry.


GST-307 Real-time Topside Print and Apply Roll-on labelling Machine

Roll-on labelling technology is suitable for items with uniform specifications, good labelling effect and the highest speed, and has a wide range of applications in the back-end packaging of products.

Product Pictures 2


GST-FB007 Cache Print and Apply Dual Applicator Flat & Side Corner Labeling Machine

FB007 is a customized labeling machine developed according to the actual needs of customers. Two labeling heads are designed on this machine, one is responsible for cachet printing labeling and the other is responsible for corner labeling on the top and sides.


GST-FB018 Cache Print and Apply Paging Labeling Machine

This labeling machine is customized and manufactured to meet the customer's needs and can automatically print and label cachets for 1mm thick cards.

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Q: Should I choose real-time printing and labeling machine or cache printing and labeling machine?

A: If each label is different, choose real-time printing and labeling machine, if the same batch of labels are the same, choose

cache printing and labeling machine.

Q:What is the maximum labeling speed?

A:It depends on label size and printing content.

Q:How is the data sent sent to the printer?

A:We usually send the print content to the printer using FastReport /Bartender / ZPL.

Q:What types of connections are supported?

A:The printer supports network port, USB, and serial port.

Q: What is the operating voltage of the machine?

A: The standard working voltage is AC 220V, you can add a transformer to adapt to different voltages.

Q: Does the machine need compressed air?

A: The standard version of the machine needs compressed air, support customized pure electric version.

Q:Can the machine be docked to the system?

A: The machine can be docked system, need to reserve docking API.

Q: Does the printer use thermal transfer printing or thermal printing technology?

A: Both thermal transfer printing and thermal printing technology can be supported.

Q: What scenarios is it applicable to?

A: In logistics, medical, warehousing, fresh food and other scenes that require printing and labeling are widely used.