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Round bottle labeling machine

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The round bottle labeling machine is mainly used to label the caps and bottle bodies of plastic bottles and glass bottles, that is, the equipment that can be automatically sealed after labeling. If the number of labelled products is relatively large, you can consider using this equipment. When in use, the required caps can be placed on the conveyor belt for automatic labeling.

The round bottle labeling machine is controlled by a conveyor belt when the bottle is sent to the labeling position, and then the machine automatically performs the labeling and sealing work. High work efficiency is one of the main advantages of the round bottle labeling machine.

As a labeling machine manufacturer with 14 years of experience, GOSUNM has a professional R&D team and a perfect after-sales service team, and has been appreciated by customers from all over the world. Customers say that the GOSUNM labeling machine is the best labeling machine they have ever used. machine.

1. Gosunm bottle labeler Using the most advanced microcomputer control in the world, the labeling speed is fast, and it is not restricted by the size of the bottle and the packaging method.

Bottle label applicator save labor and material costs. Labeling is fast. efficient.

2. Label machine Easy to operate, just press the switch to complete the labeling and sealing work.

It is especially suitable for the packaging of bulky products such as beverages, health care products, and daily chemical products. The degree of automation is high, and the effect of automatic labeling is higher than that of manual labor, which can save labor and improve production efficiency. At the same time, the labeling effect is good, and the quality is reliable and stable. And it is suitable for products with larger label size.

3. The automatic air control system is adopted, which can automatically restore the running time after automatic labeling or manual labeling.

Can meet the requirements of mass production. In the labeling equipment, in addition to the round bottle labeling machine, there are some other types of machines, which can also be completed by the round bottle labeling machine. The labeling machines in these machines belong to a relatively high degree of automation. This kind of machine form. After using this kind of machine, it can save human resources for the enterprise and improve the production efficiency of the enterprise. For some large enterprises, the round bottle labeling machine is also a relatively important equipment.

4. It can label bottles of different materials, and the speed is fast and the efficiency is high.

When in use, the bottle is placed on the conveyor belt, and the required labeling work can be completed without any auxiliary tools. For most businesses, there is no need for this. In order to meet the needs of the enterprise market and different product types, the labeling machine is constantly innovating, there are many types of labeling, and different models of different brands are not the same. And this is also a very good development trend for labeling machines.

5. The packaging size of the machine can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is very flexible and convenient.

It is suitable for labeling a variety of plastic bottles and various bottle caps, especially for bottle caps that are inconvenient to disassemble and assemble, difficult to recycle, difficult to transport or bulky. Bottle Labeling machine is a kind of labeling machine with mature technology, stable performance, simple operation, safety and reliability, time-saving and labor-saving in the field of labeling. Mainly used for the processing and manufacturing of plastic bottles and glass bottles.

If you want to know more about the detailed parameters and information of the round bottle labeling machine, you can click to enter our automatic labeling machine column page for detailed information.

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