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Selection and optimization of tooth mold software for KF94 Mask Machine

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The working principle of the KF94 Mask Machine is to make various masks with certain filtering performance from multi-layer non-woven fabrics through hot pressing, folding molding, ultrasonic welding, waste removal, ear strap nose bridge welding, and other processes. The mask equipment is not a single set machine, which requires the cooperation of multiple machines to complete various processes. So what is the selection and optimization of the tooth mold software of the KF94 Mask Machine? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l Software selection

l Tooth die process optimization

Software selection

Usually, the CNC machining of complex profile parts, due to the particularity of the model data, uses general CAM software for automatic programming and makes full use of various machining strategies provided by the software for programming.

(1) KF94 Mask Machine software has a unique four-axis simultaneous machining strategy, which can generate tool paths at one time and can complete the rough machining program of the welding gear mold within 1 minute, without the need to do the tool path projection tediously and repeatedly.

(2) Through the automatic blank update function of the software, it can effectively read and automatically identify the machining residual material of the previous tool path, thereby generating a second roughing tool path, avoiding any collision and random knife situation.

(3) When programming the tool path of the KF94 Mask Machine tooth mold parts, many marks only need to select the form of one side, and there is no need to tediously offset the line. At the same time, only one high roughing strategy such as mold is needed to quickly complete the selection of all small holes at one time.

(4) When programming another core part of the KF94 Mask Making Machine cutter, the winding strategy can also be used, and the strategy programming can be directly used only by extracting the contour curve on the part.

Tooth die process optimization

The production process of the KF94 Fish Mask Machine tooth die is: lathe roughing, four-axis machining center milling roughing, milling finishing, heat treatment, sandblasting, grinding, delivery acceptance. Optimize for the problems that exist in this production process.

(1) Using three-axis fixed-axis machining for rough machining can shorten half the man-hour and greatly improve the machining efficiency.

(2) When machining teeth smaller than 1 mm, select a forming tool and process the die teeth through the forming tool, which can make the die teeth of the KF94 Mask Machine have a larger force point, which effectively solves the problem of sandblasting and grinding. During the process, quality problems such as interruption and punching of die teeth occurred.

(3) The problem of deformation after heat treatment has been verified by actual production: during turning, a margin of 0.3 mm on one side is reserved for heat treatment. The deformation can be controlled within the effective range.

The above is about the selection and optimization of the tooth mold software of the KF94 Mask Machine. If you are interested in KF94 Mask Machine and KF94 Fish Mask Machine, you can contact us. Our website is gosunm.com. I look forward to your arrival very much and hope to cooperate with you.

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