Static DWS

Dimension Weight Scanning | DWS System Solution
  • Accurate measurement of cargo volume
  • Fast and accurate scanning
  • Inclined wheel dynamic sorting
  • Consists of static DWS, dynamic DWS, inclined wheel sorter and conveyor belt
  • GSDWS-S002



Product Description

DWS warehousing and shipping

packing machine DWS equipment

Item Hikvision Manual


Code128, Code39, QR, DM, etc.
Max. speed 10000pcs/h 1800pcs/h
Submit photo yes no
Dynamic Scaning 1 side, 3 sides, 5 sides

DWS with code cameras and dimension camerasDynamic DWS can be applied to automated operations such as scanning, inputting, volume and weight information of packages, and reviewing and auditing information.

Dynamic DWSIt is suitable for measuring, weighing, scanning and automatic pickup at express stations for small quantities of packages. Support real-time information input and photo recording during pickup.

Packing machine Dynamic DWS

Packing machine Dynamic DWS

According to the real-time input information of the dynamic DWS, base on the predetermined program, the automatic sorting and transmission of the package is realized, and the multi-angle transmission of 30°, 45° and 90° is supported.

Packing machine Dynamic DWS

Customers can purchase conveyor belts according to their own needs, or purchase conveyor belts at their own locations.

application of Dynamic DWS

Smart warehousing & logistics solutions are suitable for intelligent management of goods in e-commerce, logistics, fresh food, food, airports and other industries. It is mainly composed of dynamic DWS, static DWS, inclined balance wheel sorter, conveyor belt and intelligent warehousing software system. It can collect parcel volume, weight and face sheet information and recommend the minimum package according to the collected information; complete the collection of product warehousing data; realize the reasonable planning of storage capacity; calculate the weight;volume and freight of the ;package to achieve the precise scheduling of trucks.

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