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The best wet water kraft paper machine you can find

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Gosunm launched a new version of wet water kraft paper machine, this fully automatic kraft paper machine is easy to operate, light in weight, efficient in work, environmentally friendly and durable, the best choice for non-polluting packaging machines.

Reasons for choosing this machine from Gosunm:

  • Gosunm has a professional R&D team with top technology. Gosunm currently has more than 50 patents and is certified according to the ISO9001 international quality system.

  • In order to better protect the safety of your goods, we will provide professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services.

  • Free Online Services

  • Gosunm Machinery had already been exported to more than 100+ countries.


If you want to have efficient and durable packaging, labeling and mask machines, choose Gosunm, choose once, trust for life!

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