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Tooth die process design of KF94 Mask Machine

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The design of the machining process route of the KF94 Fish Mask Machine gear mold mainly includes the selection of CNC machine tools, the determination of machining methods, the arrangement of processes, and the preparation of machining tool paths. So what is the tooth die process design of the KF94 Mask Machine? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l Selection of CNC machine tools

l Determination of processing method

l Process arrangement

Selection of CNC machine tools

KF94 Mask Machine's four-axis machining center mainly adds a fourth rotation axis based on the original vertical or horizontal machining center. Generally, the rotation axis is added on the worktable parallel to the X-axis, and this rotation axis is defined as the A axis. The KF94 Fish Mask Machine's four-axis machining center is divided into two types: the first is that the fourth axis only has a swing angle and cannot be linked, that is, the so-called 3 + 1; the second is that four-axis linkage can participate in processing. It is understood that companies rarely use the fourth axis of auxiliary shafts in production, and some companies use the first four-axis machining center equipment to produce tooth molds at the beginning, resulting in problems such as overcutting. The machining of the tooth die of the KF94 Mask Making Machine mainly relies on the rotation of the fourth axis and the linkage of the X-axis, so the second type of four-axis machining center equipment should be used to process the tooth die.

Determination of processing method

When selecting the processing method of the KF94 Mask Machine, the requirements of processing accuracy and surface roughness must be guaranteed. Since there are generally many processing methods to obtain the same level of precision and surface roughness, according to the actual situation of the factory's production equipment, combined with the processing technology requirements of the KF94 Mask Making Machine gear mold, the processing methods of turning, milling and grinding are used.

Process arrangement

During the machining of the KF94 Mask Machine tooth die, the surfaces to be machined are mainly small (conical) teeth and marks. Therefore, when arranging the process, to ensure the processing quality, production efficiency, economy, and processing feasibility of the blade, it is necessary to follow the process concentration, the benchmark first, the roughing first, the finishing first, the main first, the second, the face first, the hole, and the facet processing. According to the above process principles, the processing procedures of the mask welding gear mold are divided into rough machining of lathe blanks, rough machining of four-axis machining centers, secondary rough machining, residual cleaning, finishing, heat treatment, and grinding.

The above is the related content about the tooth mold process design of the KF94 Mask Machine. If you are interested in KF94 Mask Machine and KF94 Fish Mask Machine, you can contact us. Our website is gosunm.com. I look forward to your arrival very much and hope to cooperate with you.

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