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US. Client Purchased 3 Sets Mask Whole Production Lines From Gosunm

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When COVID-19 surprised the world early in 2020, our U.S. client could not find a single quality face mask to purchase from their friends treating their patients in the U.S..
In the U.S. health care industry, two critical things quickly became evident – that the domestic industry did not have the ability to meet the unprecedented demand for PPE, and that the U.S. lacked the means and ability to manufacture what was needed, as most PPE manufacturing had been shipped overseas.
Therefore, our client disucssed to bulid a new business area, and create to provide quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their nation's first responders.

Our U.S. client purchased 3 sets mask whole production lines from us (Gosunm):
1. Flat ear-loop mask whole production line
2. Tie strap on mask whole production line
3. N95 cup mask whole production line
All above mask whole production lines including automatic box packing machine, inkjet printer machine, carton opening/packing/sealing machine to be added to the end section can gain to full-auto production line.

After all machines arrived to the client's factory in the U.S., they like the packaging system on the mask machines, as they confirmed they would want to purchase 8 more packaging system fr their gloves factory as well.

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