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What Labeing machines are and how to use them?

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A label machine is a device that applies the pressure sensitive labels to a product or container with high precision and high speed. Print and apply labellers are exactly what their name suggests – printers that apply pre-printed labels to a package, while apply-only label applicators are designed to apply pre-printed labels to a package. A label machine can maximise efficiency and reduces human error, while reducing cost.

GOSUNM automatic labeling machine ensures that each product is labelled perfectly, enhancing the product's beautiful packaging and promoting the sale of that product.

Different Types Of Labelng Machine.

To fit a variety of needs, There are several types of label applicators available on the market:

Semi & Automatic Labeling Machines

In short:

Automatic labeling machine has an operation function that does not require human supervision. Compared with semi-automatic, the labeling accuracy is more exquisite and efficient.An automatic labeling machine features a built-in control system, and a conveyor that moves products and packages.

Semi-automatic labelers still require some manual input.

Protable Roll to Roll Bottle Labeling MachineT41311半自动圆瓶贴标机.147-removebg-preview

Labelling systems are designed to tightly integrate with diverse production line layouts. Each label machine model is uniquely designed to address specific labeling requirements; whether it be to apply pre-printed pressure-sensitive labels or laser printed labels of any type to products and packaging in your manufacturing facility.

Labeling form classification

Bottle Labeling machine

Print Labeling machine

✅Top Surface Labeling machine

✅Shrink Sleeve Labeling machine

✅Semi-auto Labeling machine

✅Labeler Head

✅Side Labeling machine

How to use a label applicator

The label is affixed to the machine box with the labeling wheel moving at the same speed as the bottle or other products of needs labeling. When the conveyor reaches a certain position, the label drive wheel accelerates to match the speed of the conveyor, and after labeling, it decelerates to a stop of labeling machine.

Regardless of whether your labeller is small, handheld, and portable, or heavy-duty and automatic, the same labelling process principles apply.

GOSUNM has fifteen years of experience in the production of labeling machines, and professional R&D personnel are on call at any time.As different types of products require variable labelling techniques, there are a number of factors to consider, when deciding on the type of label machine for your business needs.

GOSUNM labeling machine has professional CE certification, supports customized machines, and tailor-made exclusive labeling machines for your products.

You can feel free to contact us:E-mail: info@gosunm.com

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