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What are the classifications of flat mask machines?

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The flat mask machine series can be divided into the inner ear band mask machine, outer ear band mask machine, and strap mask machine according to the different welding methods and usage of the ear band. So what are the characteristics of different flat mask machines respectively?

Here is the content:

l Inner ear with mask machines

l External ear with mask machines

l Strap-on mask machines

Inner ear with mask machines

Ultrasonic inner ear band mask making machine uses ultrasonic welding method. When the mask is moved to the processing position, ultrasonic waves are automatically generated, forming micro-amplitude and high-frequency vibrations on the ear band, which are instantly converted into heat, melting the material to be processed and finally making the ear band permanently attached or embedded in the inside of the mask body. This is the last process of inner ear band mask production, only one operator is needed to place the mask body piece by piece in the mask tray, the subsequent action until the finished product is automatically operated by the mask machine.

The features of the inner ear with mask making machine: the machine is solid and dense, does not occupy space; the whole machine uses aluminum alloy, beautiful and sturdy without embroidery; high stability, low failure rate; photoelectric detection, reduce the error rate; stable performance, easy to operate.

External ear with mask machines

The non-woven outer ear band mask machine fuses the ear bands (elastic bands) to the two outer sides of the mask body with ultrasonic waves to complete the finished ear band mask. Only one operator is needed to place the mask body piece by piece on the conveyor belt jig, and the rest of the process is automatically operated by the machine until the finished product is finished. The outer ear band non-woven mask-making equipment has a higher output than the general ear band machine.

External ear with non-woven mask machine details features.

1. Ear band welding: Adopt a high-quality pressing material device to prevent deflection; adopt titanium alloy welding head, durable and excellent welding effect.

2. Material material: Adopt imported high-quality steel and aluminum fine material, through CNC precision processing, exquisite appearance, more durable and long-lasting.

3. Body conveying: according to the size of the mask body, precise limit, to ensure the accurate positioning of the mask body in the production process, smooth running, no deviation, to effectively ensure the beauty of the finished product.

Strap-on mask machines

The tape medical mask-making machine uses ultrasonic welding to weld the non-woven tape to both sides of the mask body. Only one person is needed to place the mask body on the conveyor belt of the machine, and the subsequent work of pulling the cylinder to wrap the edge, pressing the flower wheel, cutting the tape, and outputting the finished product is all done fully automatically.

The features of tape type medical mask machine: automatic counting can effectively control the production efficiency and production progress; the frame is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, light and beautiful appearance without rusting; frequency conversion control, can adjust the running speed of the machine according to the actual needs; pulling cylinder into the material, more accurate positioning, can make the width of the raw material control to the minimum, saving costs; finished product length size control uniform, deviation ± 1mm, can effectively control the length of the finished product; high degree of automation of the machine, low requirements for the operating staff, only need to put the material and finishing the finished product can be.

Mask machines are now widely used. Gosunm Intelligent Industry Co., Ltd. conducted a lot of safety tests on the mask machine before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of the mask machine. If you need to buy a mask-making machine, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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