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What are the features of flat mask machines?

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Masks are simply divided into flat masks and three-dimensional masks in terms of appearance, with flat masks mostly used in the medical industry and three-dimensional masks mostly used for daily protection. Here is the detailed information on flat mask machine.

Here is the content:

✔The equipment information for flat mask-making equipment

✔The machine features and performance of the flat mask machine

The equipment information for the flat mask machine

Ultrasonic mask body machine, also known as mask slicing machine, is used to automate the production of multi-layer material flat mask finished machine, can use 1~4 layers of PP spun-bond non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter material, the whole machine from raw material feeding to nose line insertion, sealing, cutting finished products are a line of automatic operation, according to the different raw materials used, can achieve different standards such as N95, FFP2, etc. 

This flat mask production equipment has stable performance, high output, low defective rate, and is easy to operate. The mask body machine plus several inner ear band mask machines, outer ear band mask machines, strap mask machines, or ear band spot welding machines can produce various masks such as inner ear band masks, outer ear band masks, and strap masks.

The machine features and performance of the flat mask machine

1. Automatic feeding system

(1) Aluminum alloy frame, sturdy and beautiful, to ensure the accurate size of the finished products.

(2) Stainless steel clamps, which can be adjusted left and right.

(3) Tension wheel setting, adjusting the fabric tension, thus effectively ensuring the beauty and flatness of the finished products.

(4) Independent nose line conveying group, easy to adjust and maintain.

2. Folding and forming system

(1) Insert folding device, easy and fast adjustment

(2) Large diameter fusion wheel, effectively reduce product deformation.

3. Ultrasonic heat bonding system

(1) Titanium alloy mold, in most mask machinery manufacturers use aluminum alloy, mask machine has provided and actively advocate customers to use titanium alloy mold because compared to aluminum alloy easy to oxidation, easy to burst, not suitable for long time rush operation, short service life, and other shortcomings, titanium alloy advantages are obvious: good toughness, suitable for long time hair vibration; heat / ultrasonic conductivity, thus ensuring the product welding and cutting effect beautiful; high hardness, not easy to crack, deformation and rust; Although the cost difference with aluminum alloy is about ten times as much, from the perspective of the whole production efficiency, the choice of titanium alloy mold is better than aluminum alloy.

(2) Imported ultrasonic transducer, 20K international frequency standard, the output is more powerful and stable; coupled with two groups of an ultrasonic system to effectively ensure the quality of product welding.

(3) PLC program control of the whole mask-making machine action, reduce the difficulty of the user's operation.

4. Discharge system

(1) Forming two pieces of products at one time to improve the production speed

(2) The product discharge position, automatic stacking, convenient finishing and stacking of finished products, saving time and effort for the next process of ear band welding.

5. Stable performance of the whole mask-making equipment, continuously adjustable production speed, high production efficiency, up to 160 pieces per minute, convenient and accurate counting, the high utilization rate of raw materials, simple and convenient operation and adjustment, high degree of automation, effectively reducing labor costs.

Mask machines are now widely used. Gosunm Intelligent Industry Co., Ltd. conducted a lot of safety tests on the mask machine before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of the mask machine. If you need to buy a masking machine, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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