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What are the machines that make up the cup mask machine?

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Mask machine is a multi-layer non-woven fabric through hot pressing, folding and forming, ultrasonic welding, waste removal, ear band nasal strip welding, and other processes to manufacture a variety of masks with certain filtration performance, mask equipment is not a single machine, it requires the cooperation of multiple machines to complete a variety of different processes. The following is an introduction to the cup mask machine.

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l Machine information of cup type mouthpiece machine

l Machine classification and characteristics of cup type mouthpiece machine

Machine information of cup type mouthpiece machine

Cup mask machine is composed of a series of machines for producing cup masks, which include: cup mask forming machine, cup mask making machine, turntable type cup mask fusion slicing machine, cup mask breathing valve punching machine, cup mask nose line laminating machine, cup mask ear strap spot welding machine, cup mask single color pad printing machine, cup mask breathing valve welding machine, etc.

Machine classification and characteristics of cup type mouthpiece machine

Cup mask forming machine: The cup-shaped mask forming machine can automatically complete multiple processes from feeding, forming, shearing, and releasing, which can save 3-5 workers compared with traditional manual feeding, releasing, and shearing, and can produce 30-36 masks per minute. It greatly improves production efficiency.

Cup mask machine: Cup mask machine, also known as the slicing machine, mainly uses the principle of ultrasonic cutting and automatic fusion sealing to complete the shaped cutting and fusion of slices. This machine solves the shortcomings of traditional lace machines such as imprecise positioning, imprecise size control, low production efficiency, and high labor cost. It integrates many processes such as material discharge, stick wheel pulling, ultrasonic cutting, waste separation, and finished product slicing, which greatly improves production efficiency, reduces the production cost, and makes the products more standardized, more stable in quality, and more beautiful.

Turntable type cup mask fusing and slicing machine: The turntable type cup mask fusing and punching machine is a machine that mainly uses the principle of ultrasonic fusing and automatic edge sealing to complete the process of welding and punching the edge of the cup mask. The machine creatively combines the two previously independent processes of cup mask edge welding and punching, with a multi-station turntable and a cutting device at the same time as welding. The machine can be used by a single person and single machine, only workers need to put and take the material, which can greatly save labor and make the production of cup mask more simple and fast.

Cup type mask breathing valve punching machine: used for punching the breathing valve at the front of the cup type mask. It adopts a foot-operated switch, easy to operate, and the punching size and mask mold can be designed according to customer's demand, which is the ideal punching equipment for producing masks with a breathing valve.

Mask machines are now widely used. Gosunm Intelligent Industry Co., Ltd. conducted a lot of safety tests on the mask machine before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of the mask machine. If you need to buy a masking machine, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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