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What raw materials does the mask consist of?

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Masks are a very common and frequently used item for us at this stage, and we need to use them in many places. So what is the mask raw material made of? They have the function of reducing the risk of infection to the general public. I would like to briefly explain this issue to you.

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l What are the raw materials for masks?

l What is a good raw material for masks?

What are the raw materials for masks?

Different layers of masks use differentmask raw materials. The raw materials used in two-layer masks are non-woven fabric, nasal bands, and ear hooks. The raw materials used in three-layer masks are non-woven fabric, nosebands, ear hooks, and filter paper. The raw materials used in the activated carbon mask are non-woven fabric, nasal rib, ear hangings, filter paper, and activated carbon filter paper. Medical-surgical masks are generally made of three layers of nonwoven fabrics, the materials are spun bond nonwoven, melt-blown nonwoven, and spun-bond nonwoven. A layer can also be changed to improve the skin touch with staple fiber, namely ES hot rolled nonwoven, melt-blown nonwoven, and spun-bond nonwoven. n95 cup masks are made of needle-punched cotton, melt-blown cloth, and nonwoven fabric, whose melt-blown cloth is usually made of a 40-gram weight or even higher, plus the thickness of needle-punched cotton, so the appearance looks a little thicker than flat masks.

What is a good raw material for masks?

A good protective mask raw material should have the following three conditions: first, high filtration efficiency in the case of a good fit between the mask and the user's face, second, small breathing resistance, and third, the user feels comfortable. There are various materials of dust-proof mask filter media, including ordinary fabric, animal hair, non-woven fabric, etc. The structure of the gauze mask is poorly fitted with the human face, many fine particles that are very harmful to us will enter the respiratory tract to the lungs through the gap between the mask and the face, its filter media is generally more mechanical fabric, the only way to achieve high dust-blocking efficiency is to increase the thickness of this filter media, and the negative effect of increasing the thickness is to make the user feel great breathing resistance and feel uncomfortable. The electrostatic treatment of the non-woven fabric can not only block large dust particles but also attach to its surface electrostatic charge can be through the electrostatic gravitational force of fine dust adsorption, to achieve high dust-blocking efficiency. And the thickness of the filter material is thin, which greatly reduces the user's breathing resistance and feels comfortable.

Although it is a small mask, there is also a very large amount of attention on the use of mask raw material. To produce good quality qualified masks, it is necessary to use good raw materials. If there is a need to buy masks, you can come to our company to buy them, you can also choose to check online, our company's official website is gosunm.com.

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