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Apparel E-Commerce Parcel Sorter with Visual Inspection and Real-Time Print & Apply

Clothing e-commerce companies often have a lot of SKU codes. Traditional manual packaging, sorting, and veneer orders are time-consuming and labor-intensive. The failure rate is still high. Wrong or missing packages will seriously affect the consumer's shopping experience. After repeated research on customer needs, Gosunm combined its own technical advantages to develop this set of automatic parcel sorting equipment that integrates visual inspection and real-time printing and labeling. It can quickly and accurately screen faulty parcels and select compliant parcels. Attach product information labels and then automatically sort according to preset rules. This set of equipment has greatly improved the efficiency of e-commerce delivery and is deeply loved by users in the e-commerce industry.
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Product Description

In this use case, we introduce a system that uses the Gosunm solution to visually inspect packages, print labels in real time, and automatically sort. Compared with the traditional DWS system, this solution subtracts the volume measurement module and weighing module, and adds a set of visual inspection equipment and a real-time printing and labeling machine.

This solution performs a variety of tasks during operation:

  • - Package defect detection, according to the program settings, can automatically remove damaged, dirty, missing product information and other packages that do not meet the requirements.

  • - The code scanning module automatically scans the code to read the package information.

  • - Generate a unique label in real time based on the package information and information in the ERP system and affix it to the designated location of the package.

  • - Use a balance wheel sorter to automatically complete parcel sorting according to preset rules.


Machine Detail:

dws and sorting machine



A well-known e-commerce company specializes in producing various cultural shirts with distinctive messages for clubs. According to the product manager's demand survey at the customer site, this e-commerce company needs to connect with many different clubs. The clubs have various cultural shirts, and each cultural shirt has different colors and sizes, so a lot of SKU codes will be generated. Handling these tasks manually is extremely tedious and has a high failure rate, so after-sales costs remain high and will affect the repurchase rate.

dws and sorting machine

Apparel E-Commerce Parcel Sorter
Apparel E-Commerce Parcel Sorter


Based on the survey results of customer needs and the actual situation observed during on-site inspection, we designed a solution that combines manual and mechanical solutions. This solution consists of an independent tag storage printing and labeling machine, a sorting machine, a carton opener and a carton sealing machine. In the first step, the tag cache printing and labeling machine retrieves data from the ERP system based on the product SKU to complete the printing and labeling of the tag labels. In the second step, the folding and bagging of the clothing is completed manually, the hangtag with product information is placed face up in the transparent packaging bag of the clothing, and then the packages are placed one by one on the conveyor belt of the sorting machine. In the third step, the visual inspection mechanism on the sorting machine will automatically detect whether the tag is missing from the packaging bag and whether the side with product information is facing up, and the faulty package will be automatically removed. The real-time printing and labeling machine generates and prints a label with unique information based on the read product tag information and information in the ERP system, and affixes it to the packaging bag. In the fourth step, qualified products that have been labeled will be automatically sorted according to preset rules. In the fifth step, an automatic carton unpacking machine completes the transformation from cardboard to cartons. The sixth step is to manually put the sorted packages into cartons. In the seventh step, the carton sealing machine completes the tape sealing work of the carton. The eighth step is manual palletizing.

dws machine

This solution strikes a good balance between customers' actual needs and budget, and we can also provide more automated and intelligent sorting solutions. This solution has broad application prospects in many fields such as the e-commerce industry, clothing industry, fresh food distribution industry, consumer electronics industry, third-party warehousing and sorting, etc. It can efficiently complete product labeling and bagging. , sorting, packing, sealing and other tasks, greatly improving production efficiency and minimizing failures.