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Automatic real-time printing and labeling machine for express delivery industry

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, various popular packages have been produced, and tens of thousands of packages need to be packed, sealed, and covered every day. For large sellers with tens of thousands of packages, manual operations are no longer able to meet normal delivery needs, and it is even less possible to improve merchants’ fast delivery services, send out packages faster, increase delivery speed, and allow buyers to get better products. shopping experience. Large sellers have a demand for automation and efficiency in the packaging process of standard express parcels. In addition, there is also a demand for packaging and veneer sheets for different non-standard express packages. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, a new device-the weighing, scanning, printing and labeling machine has emerged, making our work more efficient and convenient.

Real-time printing side roll labeling machine

The weighing, scanning, printing and labeling machine integrates multiple functions, including weighing, scanning barcodes, printing labels, and automatic labeling. The integration of these functions makes the operation process easier and saves a lot of time and energy. Using the weighing scan print labeling machine, we can complete all operations on one device, greatly improving work efficiency.

In logistics, warehousing, supermarkets, pharmacies and other fields, weighing, scanning, printing and labeling machines are increasingly used. It can help staff quickly and accurately record cargo information, print labels, and automatically label. In this way, the management of goods becomes more orderly, reducing the chance of errors and improving work efficiency.

gosunm's popular standard product: Express parcel veneer automation solution, express delivery slips are pasted flatly on regular cartons (real-time printing function can be added), for express parcels of the same size, 12,000 flat veneer slips can be pasted per hour. Greatly improve work efficiency, enough to meet the high efficiency of most businesses.

Flat printing suction labeling machineGSL-hulk-110

Side stickers for non-standard products: side stickers for products of different specifications, express packages of different specifications, side labels, and positioning labels. But the speed is relatively slow, and it can paste 1,200 pieces per hour.

Real-time printing side roll labeling machine

Flat affixing to non-standard products: affixing express delivery slips to express items of different heights, and express delivery slips to different specifications. It is necessary to consider the customer's existing equipment, site, speed requirements, different size ranges of products, etc., and comprehensively consider multiple aspects, giving a specific veneer plan

H230059-Side up and down adaptive real-time printing and labeling machine

The weighing, scanning, printing and labeling machine is an efficient and convenient device, which brings great convenience to our work. It can also be matched to the assembly line to label the products flowing through the upper surface and arc surface to realize online labeling. For example, it can be matched to the inkjet conveyor belt to label the objects flowing through. It is widely used in packaging, food, and toys. , daily chemicals, electronics, medicine and other industries. With the continuous development of science and technology, I believe that more functional and intelligent devices will come out in the future to make our lives better.

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