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Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Compared with the desktop type round bottle labeling machine (GSL-spider-202), it is faster and can be positioned for labeling. It can meet the production requirements of medium and large factories.
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  • GST-250



Product Display




Product Information

Suitable label length (mm)
20mm ~ 200mm
Applicable Label width (backing paper width / mm)
20mm ~ 160mm
Applicable Dimensions (length × width × height / thickness)
Length (transport direction): 20mm ~ 250mm
Width (transport width direction) 30mm ~ 90mm
Height:60mm ~ 280mm
Applicable standard roll diameter (mm)
Applicable standard roll diameter (mm)
Labeling accuracy (mm)
± 1.0mm
The standard speed (m / min)
Stepping: 5 ~ 19m/min; Servo: 5 ~ 40m/min
Labeling speed (pcs / min)
Stepping: 30 ~ 160pcs/min Servo: 50 ~ 200pcs/min
Conveyor speed (m / min)
Weight (kg)
about 330kg
Device dimensions (mm), (L × W × H)
3000mm × 1450mm × 1600mm


◆ Full Face Stainless Steel hosts: the whole machine is not waterproof rust;
◆ Adjustable cutter head: original cyclotron cut, double-sided blade, long life;
◆ Single positioning center guide pillar: Tag channeled more stable;
◆ synchronized dividing device: bottle feeding is more stable;
◆ Label brush under Group: sets of standard precision is more accurate;
◆ label control electric eye shelf: unique combination of tail and electric eye, improve membrane material cutting accuracy;

Company Profile

                                                                    Why you should choose us?

* Easy for installment and adjustment, we will divide the device into some big parts, you only need follow the installation video and manual to install the machine.

* Small size, improve space utilization, save workshop, some types of our machine can shipped by small airline, save shipping fee cost and time.

* 1 year warranty, lifetime service, 24 hour online technical support. support on-site installation,adjustment,trainning and maintenance