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Cache Printing and Paging Labeling Machine

Cache printing and paging labeling is also printing labels while labeling, cache printing is relative to real-time printing. The same batch of products, labeling content is also the same, edited in advance on the computer labeling, connected to the printer, after printing directly attached to the product. Relatively speaking, cache printing labeling is more efficient than real-time printing labeling. The equipment is applied to the printing and labeling of aluminum foil bags, and there is a paging mechanism on the equipment, which can separate the aluminum foil bags one by one on the conveyor belt, and then the label applicator will complete the labeling task.
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Cache Printing and Paging Labeling Machine

Cache Printing and Paging Labeling Machine is an automated mechanical equipment with integrated printing and labeling functions, which is mainly used for efficient printing and pasting of item labels. It consists of controller, printing mechanism, labeling mechanism, industrial controller and other related accessories. The label content is edited by the corresponding software on the computer, and then the printing engine is in charge of label printing, and then the label applicator sticks the label to the item.

Cache printing labeling machine is widely used in the scenario of labeling large batches of products and applying different labels to different batches of products. It can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises and reduce costs.

The common print and apply labeling in the market is categorized into cachet print labelers and real-time print labelers. They are the same in that both can use blank labels to print and apply labels online, and the differences between them are in labeling speed, labeling requirements, and the form in which the printed content is captured.

In terms of labeling speed, cache printing is slightly faster than real-time label printing. However, in general, the end user is not concerned with labeling speed, but with the characteristics of the product label. Cache printing is generally used in the same batch of products, each batch of products with the same label, so that in the labeling without worrying about errors. Cache printing labels can be edited in advance, in the production process, pay attention to the corresponding batch of products to call the corresponding label to complete the labeling can be, the content of the label is fixed. While real-time printing and labeling of each label is unique, each product corresponds to a label, such as logistics courier shipments, a buyer's courier information must correspond to a buyer's package. Real-time printing label content is real-time, from the database or other devices to read the information, the information obtained through the software conversion and transmission printing label.

End users in the choice of printing and labeling machine, you need to consider what form of printing and labeling machine should be selected according to the characteristics of commodity labels. You can also contact our pre-sales engineers, we will give you the best solution according to your products, labels and applications.

Gosunm's service team has always firmly believed that timeliness is the lifeblood of service. We always insist on providing the most timely and professional service to our end users.

Cache Printing and Paging Labeling Machine

  • High efficiency: The machine can pre-store the data to be printed in the internal buffer, greatly improving the printing speed and efficiency.

  • Accuracy: The printed labels have clear text and smooth lines, ensuring the accuracy of the data.

  • Reliability: Manufactured with high quality components to ensure stable and reliable performance of the machine.

  • Automation: The machine can be operated automatically through program control, reducing labor costs.

  • Intelligent: Some high-end models support programmable function, which can customize the label content according to customers’ needs and add barcode, QR code and other information on the label.

  • Suitable for mass production: Due to its efficient labeling speed and degree of automation, the cachet printing and labeling machine is particularly suitable for mass production and can meet the printing and labeling needs of a large number of labels.

  • Easy to operate and maintain: The machine is easy to operate and understand, and easy to maintain, which reduces labor costs.