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Cache Printing Dual Label Applicator Corner Labeling Machine

The Cache Printing Dual Label Applicator Corner Labeling Machine is an automatic intelligent machine with 2 label applicators that can apply two labels on one item at the same time. This machine is specially customized according to the customer’s product packaging needs, and its two sets of label applicator systems correspond to a normal label applicator and a set of cache-printed label applicator, and the cache-printed label applicator can support corner labeling, which serves as a tamper-resistant function.
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Cache Printing Dual Label Applicator Corner Labeling Machine

There are two main types of print and apply labeling machines on the market: cached and real-time. Both machines have the ability to print and apply labels inline with blank labels, but they differ in terms of labeling speed, demand, and content capture.

In terms of labeling speed, cached print-and-apply machines are slightly faster than real-time models. However, end users are more concerned with the characteristics of the product label than just labeling speed. Cached print and apply labelers are typically used for products in the same batch that use the same labels, so there is no need to worry about errors during the labeling process. The cached labels can be edited in advance, and during the production process, you only need to make sure that the appropriate batch of products requires the appropriate labels, because the contents of the labels are fixed. While real-time printing labeling machine each label is unique, each commodity corresponds to one label, for example, in the logistics courier delivery process, A buyer's courier information must correspond to A buyer's package. Real-time printing of the label content is dynamic, it comes from the database or other equipment to read the information, through the software processing and transmission to complete the print labeling.

When choosing a print labeling machine, the end user should determine which type of print labeling machine to choose based on the characteristics of the goods label. You can also contact our pre-sales engineers and we will provide the best solution for your product, label and application.

Gosunm's technical team has always been able to efficiently provide customers with differentiated equipment for different production environments and products. Because of our team's extensive project experience, we are able to quickly sort out the customer's product and production situation, understand the customer's production needs, and provide the customer with relevant advice. Gosunm specializes in labeling and our team is mature, experienced and ready to help you find the best solution.


  • Improve efficiency: The dual label applicator labeling machine can apply 2 labels at the same time, which can improve production efficiency in mass production.

  • Reduce labor cost: The dual label applicator labeling machine can automatically perform labeling operations without human intervention, reducing labor costs.

  • Improve product quality: The dual label applicator labeling machine can accurately control the position and speed of each label applicator to ensure that each label can be accurately applied to the product, which improves product quality and stability.

  • Reduced energy consumption: Dual label applicator labeling machines usually adopt energy-saving design, which can effectively reduce energy consumption.

  • Wide application range: Dual label applicator labeling machines can be applied to a wide range of different types and sizes of products, including flat, curved or irregular surfaces with different shapes.

  • Easy to operate and maintain: Dual label applicator labeling machines are easy to operate and understand, and easy to maintain, which reduces labor costs.

Cache Printing Dual Label Applicator Corner Labeling Machine


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