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China Intelligent Logistics Sorting DWS Equipment

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According to the monitoring data of the State Post Bureau, as of April 29, my country's express delivery business volume has reached 50 billion pieces this year, 32 days ahead of 2023, further highlighting the surging vitality and strong momentum of my country's express delivery industry.

The DWS automatic sorting equipment is an intelligent logistics equipment that integrates automatic weighing (Weight), scanning (scanning), and measurement (Dimension) functions.

It uses advanced sensing technology and image processing algorithms to achieve fast, non-contact measurement of packages, as well as accurate data collection and transmission.

Logistics Sorting DWS Equipment Functions And Advantages

Automatic weighing

DWS equipment is equipped with high-precision weighing sensors, which can obtain the weight information of goods in real time, with low error rate and meet various accuracy requirements.

Scanning code recognition

The device has a built-in high-speed barcode scanner, which supports the rapid recognition of one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, greatly improving the efficiency of cargo information entry.

Automatic measurement

Through advanced 3D vision technology and laser ranging technology, the DWS device can non-contactly measure the size of the cargo, including length, width and height, with high data accuracy.

Data processing and transmission

The device can transmit the collected data to the background management system in real time, realize automatic data processing and storage, and facilitate subsequent logistics tracking and management.

High compatibility

DWS equipment supports the measurement of goods of various sizes and can be customized to adapt to different scenarios and needs.

Easy to operate

The equipment is user-friendly and easy to operate, so even non-professionals can quickly get started.

Logistics Sorting DWS Equipment

Application scenarios

DWS automatic weighing, barcode scanning, and body measurement equipment are widely used in e-commerce logistics, warehouse management, express sorting and other fields.

In the field of e-commerce logistics, DWS equipment can quickly and accurately obtain the weight, size and barcode information of each piece of goods, help improve sorting speed and accuracy, and reduce manual operation errors and labor costs.

In warehouse management, DWS equipment can help realize the automation of goods warehousing, outbound, inventory and other links, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse management.

In express sorting centers, DWS equipment can quickly identify the size and weight of packages and automatically assign appropriate transportation methods and routes, greatly improving sorting efficiency and reducing transportation costs.

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