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Corner labeling machine GS-TB-116B shipped

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Corner labeling machine is suitable for side printing and labeling packaging such as cartons and boxes, and can be applied to a variety of cartons of different sizes. Its main advantage is the corner labeling function, which can accurately label the side of the carton, which can greatly improve production efficiency. The carton corner labeling machine is also equipped with advanced sensors and control systems to monitor the position and quality of the label in real time to ensure that each label positioning is accurate. In addition, the machine is equipped with a printing engine that can print labels quickly to meet the requirements of individual companies.

Received inquiries from customers, customers have customized requirements:

1. Label the corners of the carton, the label is transparent and has dotted lines.

2. The bearing fits properly, and the bearing plate hole fits properly during assembly.

3. All belt shafts that move horizontally must be hardened and grinded to ensure coaxiality.

4. All shafts that move and need to be equipped with bearings must be hardened and grinded to ensure coaxiality.

5. Bearings must be imported from NSK or NTN and equivalent brands.

6. The surface treatment of steel parts must be hard plated and the thickness must be above 0.01. Aluminum accessories need to be sandblasted and oxidized, and hard oxidation is necessary.

7. If stainless steel or aluminum materials can be used, try to use the above two. The pharmaceutical industry is taboo to rust or discolor the materials

8. More than 8,000 per hour, regular size is the standard (thickness 2-8mm). Special products are excluded.

Box corner labeling machine

Process flow:

the front section of the labeling machine is connected to the folding machine and the rear section is connected to the inclined street receiving machine. Efficiency: 3000- 8000PCS/min

Gosunm has been specializing in product packaging and labeling for 15 years, serving over 30 countries and 10,000 customers. The carton corner printing labeling machine developed by gosunm is an advanced automatic labeling machine that combines a real-time printing engine with a labeling system. It can quickly and accurately attach labels with product information to the corners of cartons of various sizes. Some corner labeling machines, when attached to cartons with high density, make it difficult to quickly find the labels on the front or top. The Gosunm carton corner printing labeling machine can attach labels with product information and QR codes to the corners of cartons through a clever design, making package tracking more convenient.

Corner labeling machine
Corner labeling machine1

Technical parameters:

Applicable product size: width 45-180mm, length 20-50, applicable labeling product thickness 2-15mm.

Labeling speed: 3000-8000 sheets/hour (depending on the size and thickness of the product, the specific production speed is subject to the actual sample specifications and dimensions)

Stable more than 8000 per hour, regular size is based on "thickness 2-8mm". Special products are excluded.

Power supply: single-phase 220V 50HZ;

Labeling accuracy is about: ±1~1.5mm (excluding product and label errors)

Based on the center line, the left and right deviations are within 1-1.5mm (excluding label and product errors), and some may exceed 1mm, and the proportion shall not exceed 5%.

Working air pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa

Dimensions: L1500*W900*H1700 mm

Height of docking table: 700-830 mm (hand-adjusted foot cup screw height) according to customer requirements

Label size range: length 20-40mm, applicable label width 10-20mm, outer diameter 300*inner diameter 76 mm (customized according to customer requirements)

The upper and lower handles of the label head are adjustable, and the left and right belts/upper and lower clamping belt handles are adjustable

The main appearance color of the machine is based on the color plate provided by the customer, and the customer provides the color powder

A separate debugging motor is made for the label head rewinding, and the sheet metal thickness is 1.5MM

An electric eye is added to the label head to detect the label in advance without stopping the machine, which is convenient for manual connection of the bottom paper, and there is no need to re-thread the label

The touch screen outer box and the buttons on it are provided by the customer

The upper and lower clamping belts are provided by the customer. The Sieglin brand (we provide the drawing model)

At present, the equipment has been accepted by the customer and meets the basic information and supplementary information requirements of the customer. It is compatible with the samples provided by the customer without any abnormality. The configuration for testing and use is accurate. The overall function and mechanism of the equipment run smoothly and without any obstacles.

Gosunm labeling machines are active all over the world. In the field of product labeling, we have a team of nearly 100 people, covering R&D, manufacturing, sales, implementation and technical support, providing services to global customers around the clock. In the field of real-time printing and labeling applications, we can provide different application solutions according to the characteristics of the product. Gosunm has rich experience. No matter what industry or what product you are, we can provide you with the most suitable labeling solution.

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