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Customized three-sided sticker labeling machine shipped to American customers

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After receiving customization requirements from customers in the United States, they requested a labeling machine with date coding on three sides (top + middle + bottom) of box products such as cake boxes, egg boxes, and meat boxes. gosunm developed a fully automatic flat labeling machine - The GST-123B three-sided labeling machine is a non-standard custom model that can achieve multiple functions in one machine. This equipment is suitable for a wide range of products. One model can realize side, upper plane, single side and side three-side labeling of multiple products. Parameters can be set on the operation interface to work with single or multiple labels alone. This equipment can replace Various labeling machines for labeling.


1. A three-sided corner labeling machine can replace more than 10 workers and improve production efficiency.

2. Using side + plane labeling on three sides at the same time, the labeling speed is fast and labor is saved.

3. It can be connected to the production line for production, with a high degree of automation.

4. Strong versatility, stable performance, reliable quality and simple operation.


In addition to being suitable for box side and flat labeling, it is also widely used in daily chemical, cosmetics, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Three sides can be pasted together, and three labels can improve production efficiency. The optional circumferential positioning detection device can be used to label at designated positions on the circumferential surface. The optional printer, ribbon coder and inkjet printer can be used to print the production date and batch number on the label. and other information to achieve labeling-printing integration.

  • Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.

  • Applicable products: Products that require labels to be attached to the side plane, large arc surface, or circumferential surface.

  • Application industries: widely used in cosmetics, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine, hardware, plastics and other industries.

Packing and shipping

Packing and shipping

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